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2022 Light-Up night lights up May-  Light-up night is being held again this year and the senior class is excited! Click here to learn more about the night that’s sure to light up the sky!

Graduation celebration: cohesive ceremony returns after pandemic-  Graduation 2022 is fast approaching! Click here to learn more about how the ceremony is returning at full capacity after being affected by the pandemic.

Seniors enter workforce after graduation-  Want to read about the future of the workforce graduating this year? Click here to learn more about their experiences and journey on making their decision on their next big step!

Seniors decide to take gap year-  Some Trinity students have decided to take a gap year after graduating from high school! Click here to learn more about them and their future plans! 


Senior Pet of the Month- Do you want to read about a dog posing for his Instagram? Click Here!

CIP seniors look to future- Take a look at some of Trinity’s CIP program graduates and their plans for the future here!

The Hiller Newspaper staff gives advice,  shares special moments- With this year’s edition of the newspaper coming to the end, the staff reminisce on their time being a part of the paper and give advice to those who are interested in joining. Click here to read more!

Trinity troops: graduates prepare for service- Click here to learn more about two seniors who are enlisting in the military after leaving THS!

From Trinity students to world’s future teachers- Some students have found their passion right here at school. Click here to read more about the students who plan to become teachers.

Senior Profiles- Congratulations to the eight graduating members of “The Hiller” staff! Read their profiles to find about their favorite memories, inspirations and advice they’d give to underclassmen. Click each name to see their profile. 










Jairo Gonzalez squares up with futureJairo Gonzalez is taking his future into his own hands, or, rather, boxing gloves. Read this article to learn more about how Gonzales plans to pursue his passion sport and who he has looked up to along the way. 

Connor Roberts moves on to bigger, better things: Westminster athletics!Senior Connor Roberts tells about his commitment to Westminster athletics. Click here to read more!

Sofia Polito scores her way to AndersonSenior Sofia Polito has committed to playing lacrosse at Anderson University! Click here to learn more about Polito’s journey and the love she has for her sport!

W&J wins Isabella NaddeoSenior Isabella Naddeo is swinging into W&J with a commitment to play tennis, learn about her perspective behind her choice and her future goals!

Soaring toward greatness: Preston Burgard’s plans to become a pilot It’s not just everyday that someone decides to become a pilot! Click here to learn more about Burgard’s out-of-the-box plans for after graduation.

Arts and Entertainment:

Toni &Guy graduates prepare for career in cosmetics and esthetics-   Want to read about the future cosmetologists graduating this year? Click here to learn more about their experiences and journey through cosmetology school!

Instagram announces grads-  How can one account spread so much information? Click here to find out!

Seniors entertain through high school-  As the school year winds to an end our musical seniors are ready to adventure into their entertainment careers! Click here to learn where Nick Hammer and Savannah Ikach plan to be after their time on the stage has ended!


Seniors start getting nostalgic- Time to reflect seniors! Click here to see Casey Reinhardt and Courtney Boardley’s best memories!

Seniors decide whether to move close to home or far away for college- Trying to decide whether to move far away or stay close home for college? Click here to learn about Emily Ewbank and Lexi Koffler’s college decisions and how they came to fall in love with their schools!

WWCD?- Ready to hear who the next Chelsea will be and hear some final advice for the year? Find out more here!

Senior Survey- Want to hear more about the seniors’ high school favorites? Click here!

They grow up so fast: Seniors’ tips for college Do you have any questions about the college application process? Click here to hear some 2022 Trinity seniors give some helpful tips!