Connor Roberts moves onto bigger, better things: Westminster athletics!


Photo courtesy of Connor Roberts

Connor Roberts poses for a picture in his future jersey in front of the “Titans Football” wall at Westminster College. He is excited to start his college career this fall!

With the school year coming to an end, it is time to shine some light on the accomplishments of fellow students. Senior Connor Roberts recently committed to play both football, as an athlete (no set position), and basketball (guard) for the Titans. Westminster College is a liberal arts college in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. While there, Roberts will major in Mathematics and minor in Secondary Education. 

Now, what has led Roberts to this great opportunity of carrying out his athletic career? Throughout the years, he has played football, basketball and volleyball. His football career started in kindergarten, and his basketball career started in third grade. Volleyball became an interest freshman year of high school when he joined the Hillers’ team. 

Putting hard work, time and effort into these sports earned him this offer, and he couldn’t pass it up. 

Roberts was asked: “Why Westminster?”

“I chose Westminster because I really liked the facilities on campus for athletes, and I feel like I had the best connection with the coaching staff during my visit. They also won the conference in football the last two years and won the basketball conference last year, so they have a successful program for both sports,” he stated. 

The question now is why did he choose to commit to a dual-sport career?

“I  decided to pursue both for multiple reasons, partially because I was not ready to give either one up just yet. I have spent so much time in both, and I am not quite ready for either career to be over. The main reason I chose to play both was to keep myself out of trouble, and I will always have someone who is checking that I am keeping up with school and going to class,” Roberts explained. 

Since both sports have been a huge part of his life, he has made many, many memories to reminisce on. One memory, for basketball specifically, which holds a special place in his heart was his freshman year of high school basketball when the Hillers played Washington High School. Roberts came off the bench to aid his losing Varsity team. He went on an 8-0 run by himself, which turned the tide in the game and allowed the Hillers to make a comeback and win.

“It was the first time [that] I had ever really impacted a game in high school, and it was cool having all the Trinity students chanting ‘He’s a freshman!’” Roberts recalled.

The one memory that sticks out to him for football is when the team played West Allegheny this season at home. He explained that it was, probably, his favorite game to play in. The boys lost, but Roberts got to play against his childhood best friend and former teammates. Roberts also broke three school records during this game.

Not only did he break records in that game, but he has also broken records overall for his career at Trinity. The records include: most passing yards in a career; completions in a career; most touchdowns in a season; most yards in a season, most completions in a season; as well as most yards, touchdowns and completions in a single game. He is also tied for most touchdowns in a career. 

Roberts is looking forward to becoming the best player and athlete that he can be. He does not have any goals other than simply becoming stronger, faster and keeping his grades up. He would like to thank his parents the most for always coming to his games and driving him across the country his entire life for games and showcases. He claims that he also could not have done any of this without his coaches and teammates in all sports for making him a better player. 

His advice to younger athletes is to continue to get better and better in the off-season and to not limit themselves to playing one sport.

“I got recruited by a football coach at a high school basketball game, and all [of] the coaches that I  have talked to over the last few years like how involved I was in other sports outside of the ones I was being recruited for,” Roberts explains. 

Roberts officially signs his commitment on Monday, May 23, 2022. The signing will be held at Trinity High School. Wish Connor Roberts the best of luck in his future endeavors!