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Being organized at home and at school can definitely help take some stress off your shoulders. It reduces the risk of important items being lost and trash being mixed in with the classwork.


Emma Liggett, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Arts & Entertainment Editor January 18, 2023

It is the excruciating time of three midterms a week and feeling like you may be in a bit over your head. As the semester comes to an end, many may have forgotten their organizational skills from earlier...

As the winter grows colder, its always a good thought to wish good cheer to everyone around us. Even if were missing our loved ones we can give back to the community around us and help form a better support system this season. Happy Holidays, Hillers!


Emma Liggett, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Arts & Entertainment Editor December 14, 2022

The frigid air paired with peppermint and pine can only mean one thing: The holidays are approaching quickly and many are facing their first year of celebrations without their loved ones from previous...

Let your creativity shine this Halloween. Don’t let a price tag stop you from being what you love! Happy Halloween Hillers!


Emma Liggett, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Arts & Entertainment Editor October 19, 2022

The crisp leaves and influx of pumpkin spice in the air are all that’s needed to tell THS that it is Halloween season. With Halloween right around the corner, many things come to mind when preparing....

With a new school year on the horizon its important to make new friends. Bonds from simple interactions can last a lifetime!


Emma Liggett, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Arts & Entertainment Editor September 27, 2022

After we’ve walked these halls for almost a month and schedules are finally set in stone, we wonder…what's to come this year? As this is the first year for current THS students that COVID does not...

Soon-to-be Senior Emma Liggett will be taking over as Chelsea. Stay tuned to hear all of her advice!


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor May 18, 2022

It’s that time of year: Freshmen and Sophomores await their ascent in the high school ranks, Juniors prepare for their final year of high school and Seniors have their minds far beyond the walls of Trinity....

Easter baskets can be enjoyed by anyone celebrating the holiday and are often filled with colorful eggs, candy and even small toys, but they can be filled with anything!


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor April 11, 2022

It’s almost that time of year again! The flowers are starting to bloom and Easter decorations adorn many homes. Of course, many children are gearing up for Easter egg hunts and eagerly waiting to search...

This year’s March Madness brackets, which can be utilized by any college basketball fans, are initially grouped by region and then break down further to winners from each round. The top of the bracket can be used to keep track of what team is the winner from each week.


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor March 20, 2022

Spring sports are upon us, and as a die-hard fan of being clueless about the latest sports happenings, I am resigned to being confused in every conversation about last night’s game. But, living a sports-less...

A typical college dorm will be stocked with a bed, desk, and dresser. Coordinate with roommates to ensure you maximize this limited space!


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor February 24, 2022

Seniors are in the homestretch: college decisions are rolling in, graduation is approaching, and those of us on our way to college are searching for roommates. A true college conundrum, many seniors are...

Trinity High Schools view of Washington sums up January: dark and gloomy. Fortunately, the snow brightens up the landscape a little!


January 21, 2022

The halls have been long un-decked and the Easter candy is already out. Yet, the next holiday feels so far away. The annual January lull has officially set in.  It’s cold, dark, and there aren’t...

Around the holiday season, many people express their love for family and friends by giving Christmas presents. True gift giving is often times about the intention and love, rather than the present itself.


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor December 15, 2021

Deck the halls because we are officially deep into the Christmas season. While it is wonderful to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, they can bring their own set of problems.  Maybe you're...

A great option to entertain your family this Thanksgiving is ice skating at the iconic PPG place around a massive Christmas tree.


November 18, 2021

It’s Thanksgiving once again. Pumpkin pie, turkey dinner and… a bored family? Sure, everyone is excited to see their family members, but what happens when you have to entertain them? So today, the...

Fall into formal...This years formal will be held on the softball field with a harvest theme.


Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor October 13, 2021

It’s officially fall, and that can only mean it’s once again time for a favorite event… Fall Formal. Personally, when I think about formal I imagine awkward formal proposals and plenty of couples...

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