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Keeping a good group of friends close to you who share the same goals for success is also extremely helpful when wanting to break the cycle of senioritis and when trying to gain motivation.

As the final months of high school approach, many seniors find themselves overtaken by a common struggle known as “senioritis.” This condition can be a lack of motivation, procrastination, loss of attendance or just the overall feeling that you are done with high school or ready to close this chapter of your life.

I have personally struggled with the last one, feeling like this chapter of my life is over and I’m ready to move on; but, we can’t let this feeling stop us from enjoying our last moments of high school with people we have grown up with and teachers we have grown to love.

My first piece of advice is to remember that once it’s gone, you can never get it back: the last prom, the last day waking up early to arrive at school, the last moments with siblings that attend the same school as you and the last time you get to look around and take in all you’ve accomplished in the last four years. 

For those who are struggling with burnout, I advise you to establish a healthy balance between academic commitments, extracurricular activities and personal time. Overloading yourself with work can contribute to burnout and that leads to neglecting responsibilities altogether, which can worsen the effects of senioritis. 

Remember all the work you’ve put in! Why stop now just at the very end? Envision your life after graduation, the goals you want to achieve, the experiences you hope to have and the person you want to become. Keeping your long term vision in mind can serve as a powerful motivator during moments of senioritis.

Share your struggles with friends, family or mentors. A strong support system provides encouragement, advice and accountability; this helps create a positive environment for personal and academic growth.

For those who lack in the attendance department; remember that soon enough we won’t get the opportunity to walk these white and blue halls or see our underclassman friends. Make the best of all the time we have left!

If you lack motivation, first remind yourself that we only have a few months left and all the stress that comes with senior year will be over soon enough.

Try and create a new plan of attack, find a new way to stay organized that you haven’t tried yet, and reward yourself after studying or getting a good grade on a test.

Break the cycle of overthinking and procrastination by taking the first step. Read success stories, talk to past graduates who have overcome this lack of motivation, listen to motivational speeches or rewatch the first few seasons of “Gilmore Girls” and get motivation from the queen of studying herself, Rory Gilmore.

 Learning from others’ experiences can provide motivation, help you work harder and can help you learn more about yourself.

Let’s finish strong Class of 2024, even if it’s way harder said than done!

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