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The Senior Video included many student memories, including a photo slide show!

Class of 2021 Senior video shown on Senior Night

Sophia Rahmany, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

With graduation right around the corner, the Class of 2021 is enjoying the last of their senior activities and events. This year, senior Noah Heffner put together a senior video for the Class of 2021 to...

Seniors Autumn Kosey and Madyson Frazee practice their veterinary technician skills on a stuffed dog model.

Seniors go wild for biology majors

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor May 24, 2021

For seniors who loved the subjects of math and science in high school, various majors in the field of biology and life science are the perfect post-graduation plan. Students who choose to pursue a biology...

Earth day springs upon us

Emma Liggett, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 21, 2021

In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson decided to legislate the first-ever Earth Day. He decided to create this day so that people all over the world could be aware of the issues surrounding pollution. When Senator...

Students over the age of 16 have the opportunity to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Students over the age of 18 can choose between the Pfizer and the Moderna.

Pennsylvania advances COVID-19 vaccine roll out

Riley Dunn, Copy Editor and News Editor April 20, 2021

The past school year has been an unpredictable and often difficult experience for many students at Trinity. Dealing with hybrid learning and pandemic restrictions has been anything but simple. However,...

Those eligible for stimulus checks will either receive them in the mail or as a direct deposit to their bank account, which is determined by how citizens chose to receive their 2019 tax refund.

American Rescue Plan offers economic growth for Americans

Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor March 30, 2021

It’s officially spring, but many Americans are not just looking forward to blossoming nature - they are also hopeful for a recovering economy. Biden’s latest approved stimulus plan is offering hope...

One hour was

United States springs ahead: debates surrounding Daylight Saving Time

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor March 29, 2021

Spring often symbolizes the first opportunity to enjoy the outdoors after many cold, dark winter months of being stuck inside. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the majority of states...

President Biden wears a mask at all of his meetings, conferences and television appearances to encourage others to prioritize public health safety.

Biden fights pandemic in first 100 days

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor March 9, 2021

The first United States president to coin the term “first 100 days” was Franklin D. Roosevelt. When he took office in 1933, a quarter of Americans were unemployed and the country was facing the financial...

On snow days, when the roads are icy, the school district may choose to cancel school.

New F. I. D. Days alter school year

Riley Dunn, Copy Editor and News Editor March 9, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year has brought numerous changes to Trinity High School, including the introduction of flexible instruction days - F.I.D. days - to the district. F.I.D. days were implemented at Trinity...

Amanda Gorman, poet and activist, eloquently read her poem titled

Black History Month champions progress

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor February 11, 2021

Since 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month in the United States. This time of recognition provides a crucial opportunity to not only celebrate the brave visionaries who have fought...

Mr. Dunn and Seniors (clockwise from top left) Emma Malinak, Lucie Towers, John Trapuzzano, Courntey Dahlquist, Michael Dunn, Ben Hardy, Ben Kozak and Jacob Sanders listen carefully and take notes as Representative O'Neal answers their important questions.

Representative O’Neal inspires students at Trinity forum

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor February 11, 2021

While the new year has ushered in a horizon of hope, the country remains in a state of division and uncertainty. In times like these, students and teachers look to government leaders for inspiration and...

As online shopping becomes more popular and health guidelines urge people to stay home, many malls such as the Washington Crown Center are struggling to attract customers.

Crown Center breaks hearts of Washington

Kayla Denke, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 21, 2021

News has spread about how Cineworld shut down all Regal Cinemas across the country, but what might not be known is that the local Regal Cinemas, also known as the Hollywood Theaters, hasn’t paid their...

Despite restrictions, small restraunts have found ways to service customers, including take out and pick up options. Supporting a local restaurant is a great way to help during the pandemic!

COVID-19 battles with business

Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor January 21, 2021

2020 was full of surprises. Unfortunately, those surprises included newly-imposed restrictions on every type of small business due to the pandemic, which has left many small businesses in less than ideal...

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