The Hiller


An integral part of documenting Trinity Hiller history, The Hiller newspaper began in the early 1900s, making it almost as old as the school itself. It began as a junior class fundraiser to raise money for prom, and it then transitioned to an after-school club. Each copy of the newspaper cost 10 cents, and the name of the paper changed from year to year, although it always related back to Trinity High School, such as The Model T. The name The Hiller was officially christened in 1933, following the creation of the journalism classes.

In September of 2016, the printing of the newspaper stopped.  The paper’s production continued as before, however, instead of paper copies, PDFs were posted on the high school’s website.  It was not until September of 2018 that the newspaper went completely digital; it is now published on the internet through where it exists only as an online newspaper.

Currently there are four different levels of journalism classes offered by Trinity High School, aptly named Journalism I, II, III, and IV. The Journalism I class, taught by Mrs. O’Lare, is an introductory course, while the other three levels have the students in one class together that make up the newspaper staff. Historically, the newspaper has a group of student section editors and an Assitant Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief or two Co-Editor-in-Chiefs. A member of Trinity staff serves as the adviser as well. There have been six previous advisers in recent history: Ms. Dunn, Ms. Plumer, Mrs. Fuselier, Mrs. Reshick, Mrs. Booher, and Mrs. Svokos. The current adviser is Mrs. O’Lare, who also teaches AP English 12. Under these advisers, The Hiller has won several awards in journalism from Point Park University, the Quill and Scroll and the American Scholastic Press Association.

The Hiller Newspaper can be emailed at and the adviser can be contacted at The Hiller can also be found on Twitter, @HillerNewspaper.

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