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Ancient Greek civilizations have records of public bathrooms. Bathroom use has been conducted without a hitch for as long as humanity has existed.

Bathroom vandalism must stop

Kaylee Spadaro, Staff Writer March 17, 2022

Bathrooms have been in use longer than any history book can record. While they have improved greatly in terms of looks and function, the concept has remained constant.  One would think that such a...

Seniors decorate graduation caps to reflect an image of themselves on their big day! Here is an example from last years graduating class.

Countdown to graduation commences

Macy Comfort, Media Editor and Sports Editor February 25, 2022

As the school year works its way through the second semester, one thing is looming in the shadows: graduation. Let the countdown begin! Graduation is a scary thing to think about. One minute you are a...

Not only does a warm drink bring better health on the inside, the perfect cup of hot chocolate can warm anyone up on the outside as well.

How does drink temperature influence behavior?

Kayla Denke, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 20, 2022

Over the years the debate between hot and cold drinks has grown. The debate is that some drinks taste better hot and some taste better iced. And then there’s those who drink hot drinks in cold weather...

These three delightful treats are the ultimate winners of the Thanksgiving smackdown! Happy Thanksgiving and make sure to eat all of the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie as possible.

Thanksgiving food: Ultimate smackdown

Kayla Denke and Emma Liggett November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving is the time where families get together and feast as a day of giving thanks and eating without guilt. Thanksgiving originated roughly 400 years ago. It started with the Pilgrims being thankful...

There may be no greater scent then a gray fall morning. Its brisk and clean and perfectly ushers in the cooler months.

Ranking scents of fall: sugar, spice, and everything not-so-nice

Emma Riddell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Feature Editor October 13, 2021

Ah, fall. That annual time when football and latte art latch on to every part of our lives and cling more desperately than a tree’s final leaf after first frost. But pumpkin spice and your unwashed “lucky”...

The Hiller Cadet statue on the front lawn where the Trinity High School meets the Trinity Hall.

What is a Hiller?

Kayla Denke, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 17, 2021

Trinity’s mascot has been a mystery not only for current students at Trinity High School but also for other schools. A picture of the bell tower has been the logo for the school since the 1930s. On page...

Teachers have worked their absolute hardest this year, so students should be giving back!

Teacher appreciation more important than ever

Hunter Spears, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 through May 7. Students need to look back at the hectic school year they and their teachers have endured and give thanks for all the sacrifices their teachers...

Though Christmas music is accessible in many forms, everyone can learn to play their own Christmas music with some practice.

Christmas music: not meant to be played before Thanksgiving

Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor November 17, 2020

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” but is it too early to start celebrating? Though many have already begun celebrations, including...

Signs such as this are posted around the halls as a reminder to students to stay safe.

Returning to school four days per week

Hunter Spears, Staff Writer October 21, 2020

Students have been waiting to return to school full time for several weeks now; and, although it is only four days, it's a much-needed adjustment to give students the time with their teachers they need...

Trinitys cheerleaders promote school spirit by decorating the hallways with positive messages of Hiller Pride.

Finding strength in school spirit

Emma Malinak, Co-Editor-in-Chief and News Editor September 28, 2020

Over the past months, we have all grown accustomed to keeping our distance, and some students are losing the sense of community that is the very foundation of our Hiller Nation. However, as the school...

This picture shows the effect of climate change at Stag Hill and how quickly it melts snow.

Climate change strikes Pennsylvania’s winters

Emma Liggett, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 24, 2020

Winter: the time for hot chocolate, cuddling up, and plenty of activities in the snow. This winter, however, has not provided these nostalgic memories. In Washington PA, we have gotten less than 40 inches...

Organization is vital when working towards good grades.

Second semester offers fresh starts to students

Rachel Chase, Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor January 21, 2020

As the first semester comes to an end, every student is faced with a fresh opportunity to improve their grades. But, many students are unsure of how to do any better than the previous semester. Luckily,...

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