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The Pitt Panther mascot and Penn State Nittany Lion mascot show off the schools' rival spirit just like Towers and Engle!

PA universities continue rivalry

Kayla Denke, Feature Editor May 25, 2021

Seniors Joie Engle and Lucie Towers have committed to their home for the next chapter of their lives. However, Engle is going to Penn State and Towers is going to Pitt. The Pitt vs Penn State rivalry concerning...

Teachers from each department have said their farewells and wished luck to seniors on their new beginnings. Good luck Class of 2021!

Teachers say farewell to Class of 2021

Kylie Poland, Co-Hiller High Fives Editor May 24, 2021

The class of 2021 has powered through unprecedented times in order to make history and join the Class of 2020 on graduating amidst a pandemic. One teacher from each department has written a final goodbye...

Teachers have worked their absolute hardest this year, so students should be giving back!

Teacher appreciation more important than ever

Hunter Spears, Co-Hiller High Fives Editor April 21, 2021

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 through May 7. Students need to look back at the hectic school year they and their teachers have endured and give thanks for all the sacrifices their teachers...

AP, or Advanced Placement, tests are administered through CollegeBoard, where you can find lots of resources to prepare for the tests!


Rachel Chase, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor April 20, 2021

The end of the school year is once again approaching and you know what that means: AP tests!  Millions of students across the country will sit for the three and a half hour long exams given during...

Hurry to get your Girl Scout cookies today!

2021 girl scout cookie lineup – “badder” up!

Kylie Poland, Co-Hiller High Fives Editor March 30, 2021

Annually, the Girl Scout corporation produces a monumental amount of cookies in order for troops across the nation to sell them to their communities. I have purchased one box of each of the eight different...

Despite a very long year of uncertainty, the COVID-19 vaccine is finally available and nearly 100 million U.S. citizens have been vaccinated!


Rachel Chase, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor March 10, 2021

Almost one year ago, on Friday the 13 of March 2020, COVID-19 closed schools across the country, for what many thought would only be two weeks.  Like many, I was excited for what felt like an extended...

Head to McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts now to get these limited time spring menu additions!

“Spring” into new March menus

Kylie Poland, Co-Hiller High Fives Editor March 10, 2021

This March, both McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts are releasing several new additions to their menus. I will be reviewing and grading these menu items! McDonald’s released two new dessert/drink items...

Trinity Graduates have interesting opinions about standardized tests and how much they matter after high school.

Grads Explain: How standardized tests affect college applications

Riley Dunn, Sports Editor March 9, 2021

Check out part 1 of this series: Students Explain: Why student intelligence goes beyond a test score Standardized tests are a fixture in high schools across the country. All year, students take difficult...

Instead of flowers, try gifting a loved one a handmade card or baked good this Valentine's Day!

Valentine´s Day or Valentine´s no-way?

Emma Riddell, Copy Editor February 11, 2021

It’s that time of year again: drugstore displays are filled with cheap chocolate truffles, Hallmark is running nonstop rom-coms and fake roses and plastic pink signs abound. It is certainly Valentine’s...

Netflix parties are a great way to get the experience of watching a show together, even if you might be far apart!


Rachel Chase, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor February 11, 2021

It’s been years since elementary school with Valentine’s Day parties and boxes, at least for Chelsea, but the holiday is still a great celebration of love. This year, festivities will probably be different...

A student's answer sheet is pictured on their desk after their standardized test is complete.

Students Explain: Why student intelligence goes beyond a test score

Riley Dunn, Sports Editor February 11, 2021

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will go its whole life believing it is stupid.” This quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein, a genius who understood that there are many...

Featured is a survey of students at Trinity High School regarding their opinions on resolutions.


Rachel Chase, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor January 21, 2021

10, 9, 8, 7…  it’s time for resolutions! Great. Sure, each new year promises a plethora of opportunities for growth and progress, but for many it also brings the dread of resolutions. By this point...

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