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When you get to your senior year it’s easy to see the last three years much more clearly, this provides advice for the underclassman from the upperclassmen.

Q: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

A: My best advice for underclassmen is to take classes that you enjoy and classes that will help you in the future. Although it’s fun to take classes with your friends, high school can be very productive when you prioritize classes that will set you up for success.

Q: What should I do If I have a big test coming up?

A: Everyone studies differently, but personally, I find that the most effective way is to start studying a few days before the test to let all of the information sink in. Even if you only study for 30 minutes, it makes a huge difference at the end of the day.

Q: What are the best classes to take my Junior year?

A: The best classes to take are those that align most closely with your future plans. For example, if you’re interested in studying business, taking some business classes would be most beneficial. Personally, I took AP English 11 and Journalism 2 to support my major in Multiplatform Journalism during my freshman year of college.

Q: What is the best mindset to have?

A: The best mindset to have is to strive to become the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with people who will help create improvement. Take classes that will contribute to success and personal growth, and invest your energy in positive endeavors.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to get good grades?

A: My best advice for wanting to get good grades is to find the person in your class with the best grades and use them as motivation. Try to score just one point higher than them on a test or study for an hour more than they do. Creating healthy competition really can be the missing piece when it comes to achieving good grades.

Q: What’s the best music to study to?

A: Personally, the best music for studying for me is chill music that won’t distract me. Bon Iver is a great artist to listen to or The Smiths if played quietly. Big Thief is another great option; their music is generally softer and doesn’t distract me.

Q: What’s the best club to join in high school?

A: Again, find clubs that interest you or will help your future. Participating in the high school and middle school musicals has granted me the best experiences in high school, and the newspaper has truly helped me discover what I want to do in the future. Some very popular clubs are FBLA, FTA, and Student Council.

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