They grow up so fast: Seniors’ tips for college


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The colleges above include Colorado State University, West Virginia University and Washington and Jefferson College. Their campuses are expansive, just like many others, and they have great educational opportunities for their students. Congratulations to Grace Roberts, Sydnie Garrett and Loretta Butler for getting accepted into such impressive colleges!

While Trinity’s seniors are in high school classes now, they will soon leave the nest and begin making their own life-changing decisions, such as possibly going to college. College degrees are becoming more prevalent than ever in American society and many Trinity students are willing to challenge themselves by aiming to gain further education. Although it is difficult for underclassmen to understand how to find a college, apply, and get accepted when they don’t have experience, some seniors are willing to share their wisdom, especially since they have been through the process firsthand. 

Grace Roberts, Sydnie Garrett and Loretta Butler are all seniors committed to their respective colleges and were eager to give Trinity students tips if they plan to enter college after high school. 

Roberts, a soon-to-be W&J college student, has chosen to further her education because of her interest in the medical field and is planning on majoring in Biology, a subject that has always fascinated her. When Roberts first applied to W&J, she didn’t think she would get accepted, but to her surprise, Roberts was. 

Roberts’s advice to students is to apply for colleges even if they are not 100% sure they will get in. She explained that Naviance was a great method when searching for colleges, and that the emails colleges have sent her helped introduce her to them. 

Roberts also recommends being conscious about the prices in college. Having to pay for in-state tuition, contrary to out-of-state, and filing for financial aid has helped Roberts and many others when it comes to limiting their college debt. 

Although the seniors’ last year in high school was hectic, Roberts has stayed motivated with the support of her family and teachers. She has also made the realization that having good grades, sleep and coffee will give her the strength to keep pushing forward. 

Roberts elaborated, “Drinking coffee IS getting me through high school now.”

When students go on a tour of a college campus, it is extremely important for them to ask informative questions to pick the college that will benefit them most. Roberts believes that asking financial-related questions is helpful considering it is vital to limit spending and college debt. Roberts also believes asking about the student-professor relationships are important too, as it is obvious that students don’t want to be feeling like just a number. 

Garrett, who was debating between going to WVU and the University of Florida, has decided to go to WVU. She has had a dream of becoming an astronaut since she was little, and her motivation to do so has not waned since then. Garrett decided to attend WVU to stay close to family and get a degree in mathematics. Garrett found WVU by making a list of colleges that specialize in her degree and choosing the one she believed suited her best. She suggests that this method of finding a college could work for others as well, since she has found success in WVU.

 To improve students’ chances of getting into college, Garrett suggested, “Keep your grades up and stay on your teachers’ good sides.” 

When it comes to college touring, Garrett thinks asking about the best way to maneuver college is also helpful considering some college campuses’ enormous size. Additionally, Garrett suggests inquiring more about parking, since it is also very important. 

Meanwhile, Butler is planning on attending Colorado State University to major in Ecosystem Science because of her passion for the environment. At some point, Butler would like to become a mycologist, which is someone who studies fungi. Butler is extremely excited to travel westward toward Colorado State University for many reasons, one of which is the freedom that comes with it. Being able to have new experiences outside of class is an eye-opening realization, and the fact that Butler’s desired college is well-known for environmental majors will only help her.

If you are planning to tour a college, Butler recommends asking questions relating to what clubs or groups are encouraged at the college so students know what extracurriculars are available or what communities are supported. 

All three seniors agree that having a better GPA only leads to better chances of getting into college. Students expanding their resumes by being active outside of school, like participating in extracurricular activities, can greatly help them. 

While the seniors are still here, it is important for the underclassmen to appreciate the senior friends they have before they leave. Just as all students will graduate eventually, Trinity High School’s Class of 2022 is no exception. Therefore, be sure to appreciate the seniors while they are still here, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.