Seniors entertain through high school


Photo courtesy of Arwen Ikach

Seniors Nick Hammer and Savannah Ikach pose after their final performance of the musical Mary Poppins. The seniors will be continuing on in their individual entertainment careers after graduation and continuing to bring new light to their respective fields! Congratulations Hammer and Ikach and thank you for sharing your talent with Trinity.

As the 2022 school year begins to wind down and the lights on the stage have dimmed for the last time, students begin their move to life after high school. Two seniors, in particular, have decided to enter into the entertainment field. 

Senior Savannah Ikach plans to attend Point Park University and major in broadcasting. She hopes to work in front of the camera and possibly have her own talk show. Ikach has always had interest in being on television or in the entertainment field, but it was just this year that she narrowed in on broadcasting. She has been in a wide array of classes and activities that have further pushed her to be herself and as creative as she can be. 

“I believe extracurriculars and clubs were more helpful to me personally! Being in charge of one of the sports, such as being a captain or drum major, is super beneficial when it comes to being in front of people and leading the creativeness. Within the broadcasting field, you need to be able to adapt to your surroundings and put together a product. The morning announcements were a huge help logistically figuring out how the production end worked,” said Ikach.

Ikach looks forward to the limitless creativity she can bring to the table in this career and how she gets to work with others to make a whole product the best that it can be. Her inspiration for going into this field is Drew Barrymore. Ikach loves watching her show and believes she brings something extra special when it comes to hosting. Because Barrymore is an actress, she knows how to question those in the entertainment industry. 

Senior Nicklas Hammer plans to go into the field of cinematography or theater. He became interested in these fields after taking part in Trinity’s musical from his 7th grade year up to the present. Hammer was enamored with the shows that Trinity has done and knew that he wanted to go into a similar career. Trinity helped him gain the experience and skills he may need for this field and some classes have also helped push his creative endeavors. 

Classes such as choir and intro to musical theatre have helped me with my interests and skills throughout high school,” said Hammer. 

Hammer looks forward to all the people he might work with and to be able to transform his imagination into a consumable piece of media for everyone. His inspiration for going into this field are the people he’s worked with over the years; Mr. Komula, Mrs. Child, Macy Gross and Vince Byrne who have all inspired him greatly.

Hammers advice to upcoming seniors wanting to go into the entertainment industry is, “Be sure that you are extremely passionate about the field and to always give 110% with everything you do! If you’re not having fun with it, how will the people watching you have fun?”

Congratulations to Ikach and Hammer as they continue on into their different careers. Thank you for both leaving a musical mark on Trinity and for the confidence that has been provided to younger students and peers!