2022 Light-Up night lights up May


Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Ms. Shaw celebrates the seniors in a previous Light-up night! Light-up night displays are meant to celebrate the achievements of each graduating class. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Senior Light-up night is an annual tradition meant to celebrate graduating seniors and all the successes they have had during their past four years at the high school. The event began in 2020 after the first lockdown and has persisted as a special day for seniors since. 

On Light-up night, every graduating senior receives a sign with their name and year of graduation written on it. These seniors are also invited to decorate their homes with lights, signs, streamers or anything else that might represent the accomplishments they achieved over the years. They are also invited to create a display in order to show off their future career path after high school. 

“I plan to participate in light up night this year because I have been waiting to be a senior for four years now, and now it’s my time and I’m going to celebrate,” Senior Allison Sampson said. 

Sampson plans to decorate her house with fairy lights in order to celebrate the occasion. She also plans to hang up her Kent State University flag and display a couple of Kent State and Trinity-themed t-shirts.  

Sampson enjoys Light-up night because she sees it as a night to appreciate all of the seniors and the hard work they have done over the course of the year. 

“I think we should continue to make it a tradition because it is a way to show your neighbors and people passing by what your future plans are, and it’s very nice to be recognized. We all have put in hard work and it’s just a very nice thing to be celebrated and recognized for our accomplishments,” Sampson stated. 

Light-up night will be held on Friday, May 27. THS students will be able to drive around the community that day and enjoy the colorful signs and bright lights that celebrate the class of 2022!