Seniors enter workforce after graduation


These images were accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License and courtesy of Owen Briede and Daniel Horne.

These images display some of the future careers of these students including welding, crane operator, and mechanics.

Entering the workforce after graduation allows students to begin a full-time job upon graduating. Trinity offers a vocational-technical education program through the Western Area Career & Technology Center and many professional-based classes (such as agricultural mechanics and construction, engine and machinery systems, and 

wood and metal working) to prepare them for trade school and the workforce. 

The following seniors have chosen this path: Hunter Bendik, Owen Breide, Daniel Horne, Lilly Crompton, Gabriella Atchinson and Desyre McDougan-McCombs.

Bendik, a future engineer, talked about what helped him make this decision: “What helped me decide to join the workforce was I have been doing manual labor jobs my whole life starting with working on cars with my pap and uncles to running heavy machinery.”

Bendik plans on attending commercial electrician school in September; on the side, he plans on working in his garage on diesel trucks. He hopes to work for a commercial business and eventually open up his own diesel shop. 

Horne plans on taking what he learned in industrial technology classes and entering into a four-year apprenticeship to become a crane operator. 

As a future operations engineer union member, Horne explains who inspired him to take this path in life: “The people that have been the biggest help/mentor were my parents because they have been nothing but supportive with what I want to do and they have pushed me to be the best I can be, but also Mr. Crissman because he taught me so many life lessons and he showed that working hard can pay off.”

Briede attended the Western Area Career and Technology Center for welding and will head straight into the work field after graduation. 

Briede states, “The thing I’m looking forward to about being a welder is that I’ll be doing what I love everyday.”

Students have many opportunities through Trinity to prepare themselves for the workforce after high school.  Good luck to all students in their future careers.