Instagram announces grads


Screenshot courtesy of Kayla Denke

For seniors who are still interested, look up @thsclassof22_ on Instagram and follow the google form! If there’s any confusion, tap on the “Directions” highlight!

Instagram is an app for teens and young adults around the world. It’s a tool that helps people both close and far away connect with each other. In recent years, when the pandemic started in 2020, senior student bodies or senior class officers took it upon themselves to create Instagram accounts. Trinity has been making these accounts since the trend started.

These accounts are used to help highlight each senior and their hard work throughout their high school years. The school has approved this account, so for the class of 2022, Senior Ava Robinson is in charge of the account. Robinson chose to continue this account in hopes of encouraging future senior classes to continue the accounts. Robinson also hopes the class accounts continue for many years to come, thinking it opens new opportunities for communication between teachers, students and parents to connect better with the school.

Although the posts might seem challenging to make, Robinson states, “The posts are pretty simple to make, I use a template that I use for college announcements that takes some altering here and there. For other posts, it takes a little more time but the app I use makes it a breeze to put content out.” 

The “other posts” Robinson mentions include announcements to grab the attention of seniors so they don’t have to look at their email. Some of these announcements are: “Wear Your E” which was for decision day when the students wore a shirt with the school they’re going to, their place of work or if they are enlisting in the military. Another example was the tentative end of the school year schedule for seniors that was sent out by Mr. Uram.

Congrats to all graduating seniors and a big thank you to Ava for making this all known and keeping the Instagram run for its third year!