Senior Survey

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Nicklas Hammer: Mr. Komula because I could always be comfortable and myself in his classroom.

Samuel Smykal: My favorite teacher was Mr. Poletti because his homework and projects seemed meaningful and his lectures were interesting to listen to. 

Loretta Butler: My favorite teacher this year had to be Mr. Skroupa. He’s super funny, nice, honest, transparent, and very skilled as an educator. He makes the material easy and enjoyable. 

Elli Bobrowski: Mr. Daviduk because he is super kind and understanding and he is so comical. 

Jose Delgado: Ms. Boczar because she has given me lots of motivation to do all my work and has always helped me. 

Morgan McKay: Mrs. Husk because she made me realize what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, also because she has been there for me through everything. 

Balie Beck: My favorite teacher was Mrs. Aliveto because she has been an inspiration since my freshman year of high school. She has always been someone you could feel comfortable and welcome to talk to. 

Kalvin Hrutkay: Mrs. Hartley due to the face that she is very straightforward and tells you how it is. 

Lexi Koffler: Mr. Smith because you can truly tell that he loves to teach; it’s his passion. He cares about every single one of his students and aids their success. He has so much experience and is just simply exceptional at what he does. 

Noah Polites: Mr. Coyle because he is a great teacher, is very knowledgeable, gives great real life advice and is just a cool and fun guy to be around in class. 


How have you changed since freshman year?

Megan Marling: I’ve let up on myself a lot, it’s a lot less stress knowing you don’t have to keep the most perfect grades. You don’t have to wear the most perfect outfit for people to care about you. It’s better for me not to keep perfect standards as it doesn’t do any good for me. 

Alexis Lawton: I was able to make new friends and be myself around them. 

Hannah Porter: Responsibilities have changed with getting more work both in and out of school. 

Allie Greco: I think I became more independent as each year went on and have gained a lot more confidence than my freshman self had. 

Giovanni Cipoletti: Not to say that I’ve become careless, but I am more carefree and reasonable. I prioritize better. 

Natalie Johnson: I became more confident in myself and opened up to new people. I also grew out my hair!

Sydnie Garrett: I have definitely become a lot more mature and mindful of other peoples’ feelings. 

Casey Reinhardt: I feel that I’ve become a lot more genuine and in turn I feel that it’s made me become a happier person. 

Allison Sampson: I have matured and have learned to balance school, work, and friends. 

Justin Tonsetic: I have grown physically and mentally, I feel like I am a better person now and I am more mature.


What advice would you give to your freshman self? 

Grace Roberts: Do not worry so much about having a lot of friends. Focus more on living in the moment.

Jacqueline Hancher: Don’t live to the world’s standards, but to your own. Make your own standards and expectations to become the best that you can be. 

Ava Robinson: Popularity is just a part of your imagination. You don’t have to be “popular” to be happy, finding friends who compliment your true self are the ones that will make you the happiest. 

Kaitlyn Pierrard: Your grades do matter your freshman year. 

Steven Stewart: I would tell myself to not wait until the last moment to start a project. 

Sierra Price: I would say to not stress myself out so much about my future with grades and what I want to do when I graduate. 

Chance Ritter: Have fun!

Claudia Cappelli: Don’t stress too hard about term grades, the semester grades are the ones that count. 

Bella Naddeo: You have to study for every test and information builds throughout the year. 

Issac March: Focus on your future and treat everyone with respect.