Teachers’ Favorite and Least Favorite Candy


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The top four favorite Pennsylvania candies are Hershey bars along with Resses Cups, Kit Kats, and Butterfingers!

Favorite Candy Responses:


Mr. Komula: “Candy corn, because it is nostalgic and unappreciated.”


Coach Belleville: “Holiday Reese’s Cup. It is the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate.”


Ms. Shaw: “Salted pretzel bark from Sarris, because it tastes like heaven.”


Mr. Majoris: “Twix, because it is an exceptional conglomerate between creaminess and crunchiness.”


Mr. Skroupa: “Kit Kats. They’re fun to break apart.”



Least Favorite Candy Responses:


Mr. Komula: “Anything healthy for Halloween.”


Coach Belleville: “Three Musketeers. They literally taste like air.”


Mr. Rhodes: “Candy corn, because it is too sweet and it hurts my teeth at such an old age because my teeth are brittle.”


Mrs. Macino: “Black Liquorice. “It is just disgusting.”


Mrs. Harrington: “Milk duds. Who even eats this anymore? Who even gives this away anymore? This is old, old candy.”