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Senior Profile: Dresden Bouman

Photo courtesy of Dresden Bouman.
Dresden will be attending Duquesne University and majoring in Multi-Patform Journalism. Good luck, Dresden!
  • What is your position on “The Hiller”?

Media Editor and Arts and Entertainment Editor.

  • Why did you become a part of the staff and how long have you been on it?

I was rewatching Gilmore Girls and thought journalism would be fun, so I found out about “The Hiller” and I read the articles and emailed Mrs. O’Lare about it.

  • Which article was your favorite and why?

“Glenda Cleveland becomes Milwaukee’s hero after release of Dahmer documentary” was my favorite because I thought it was very interesting and it also helped me learn what we can and cannot print.

  • How has being a part of “The Hiller” impacted you?

I feel like it’s helped me branch out creatively and it’s going to set me up in the future and I’m really grateful for that. I also just love the people in here.

  • What is your favorite memory of “The Hiller” throughout your time on staff?

Probably dancing for Mrs. O’Lare.

  • What have you learned from journalism?

I feel like it’s taught me more about the importance of connecting with people and that no story is unimportant.

  • What will you miss most about journalism?

Mrs. O’Lare.

  • What is your best word of advice for the staff members?

Try to impact others, because everything you put out has an impact. Be intentional with everything you do.

  • How many red pens do you think Mrs. O’Lare has used when grading your articles?

Half of one.

  • Do you have anything else to add/final words to the staff members?

Try to come up with good podcast ideas because it’s very hard.

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About the Contributor
Leah Kubacka
Leah Kubacka, Copy Editor and Feature Editor
As a second year member of The Hiller staff, Leah is beyond excited to be on staff once again! When she’s not in school or doing homework, she can usually be found at her dance studio doing one of the things she enjoys most. Besides dance and school, she always makes time for her favorite things, which are her family, friends, and pets.
  • #1 Ariana Grande fan
  • Cat lady at heart
  • Future Disney adult