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New Congress meets with new faces but same problemsWhile many do not care about the government, it plays a large role in our lives. Click here for details about the new 118th Congress.

Invest in your future Many students struggle with saving their money. Click here to learn about how investment club can open students eyes to putting better use to their money!

German Club makes comebackDid you know the German Club is starting up again? Click here to learn more about it and how to join!


WWCD?Are you having trouble staying organized during the semester change? Click here for some great tips and tricks to not stress out!

Hiller Staff’s Top 10 Favorite Lunch Meals – If your favorite class is lunch time, click here to see the Hiller newspaper staff’s top 10 favorite lunch foods. 

From pop to punk: perfecting the playlist gameDo you panic when someone passes you the aux? Fear no more with this this guide to take your music game from 8-track tapes to A-list song recs. 

Grab some popcorn, these movies are showstopping Calling all movie lovers, click here to see staff writer, Dresden Bouman’s hot take on her five favorite movies.


Boys’ basketball shoots for successful season – Want to read about the boys’ basketball success so far this season? Click here to read more!

Students dive into swim season – Are you interested in learning more about the swim team? Click here to get to know the captains and get some inside scoop on their season!

Trinity girls “shoot” through basketball season – Are you wondering what our girls basketball team has done to prepare for a challenging season? Click here to hear all about their hard work and time they have dedicated to their 2022-2023 season!


Berry travels during gap year – From South America to Southeast Africa, Even Berry has traveled quite a lot these past few months. Click here to read about an alumni’s terrific volunteering experience!

Pet of the MonthJanuary’s Pet of the Month is Mrs. Burns’ golden doodle, Piper. Read here to find all about about this spunky pup, including her favorite squeaky toys. 

Sara Setto achieves high success through Gold AwardSenior Sara Setto has worked hard the past few years to achieve the highest award in Girl Scouting! Click here to learn more about her project and the artistic and creative ways she went about developing it!

Crush Chain 2023With Valentines day just around the corner, click here to find out who has a crush on whom.

Arts & Entertainment:

Sign of the Times: Why 2022 was Harry Styles’s golden yearFollowing the pandemic, popstar Harry Styles ramped up his career with new concert venues and business ventures. Click here to hear a bit about Styles’s big year and the impact that he’s had on Trinity students!

Tempos take on Valentine’s DayOne of Trinity’s newest clubs – the Shirley Tempos – have been making a big mark on the music scene! Click here to learn about the new fun and festive fundraiser that the Tempos are planning for the “loveliest” day of the year!

Students get crafty with Valentine’s Day gifts – Are you struggling with gift ideas for your valentine? Click here for some inspiration on a homemade gift for someone special!