Photo courtesy of Sienna Heasley.

Being organized at home and at school can definitely help take some stress off your shoulders. It reduces the risk of important items being lost and trash being mixed in with the classwork.

It is the excruciating time of three midterms a week and feeling like you may be in a bit over your head. As the semester comes to an end, many may have forgotten their organizational skills from earlier in the year or maybe you just need a weekend to declutter. Chelsea is here to help you figure out the best and most effective ways to help organize your life and create a balance between activities.

My favorite organizational tool has to be the planner, and, to be specific, a weekly and monthly planner. This is. a great tool when you have an overloaded schedule.  

The monthly section is beneficial to put important information and reminders into, while the weekly part is better for descriptions of the day and any homework that is due. This means that all the information is organized and available at your fingerprints.

Color coding and labeling are also helpful because it helps divide the work needing to be done into subjects or activities. Highlighters, sticky notes and colorful pens are all ways to assign a color to each subject. 

Color coding is also used to help students memorize more information by dividing it with multiple colors. By giving a visual aspect to the information you’re trying to learn it may help it stick in your brain better.  

The main task that you need to do with a planner is actually look at it! Many people don’t find problems having a planner, but utilizing it is where students become confused.  

It takes 45 days to start a habit, so students looking to become more organized should take the time to look over the planner before and after school.

Staying organized with schoolwork will definitely help the perils of lost homework and the tears over an unknown test. 

Students should check their schedules and make sure that they have all the necessary items such as notebooks, binders and folders. Keeping everything organized by subject is also helpful so you’re not pulling out your poetry notes while in chemistry.

Cleaning out your bookbag and pencil case about once or twice a month is also a great way to make sure items aren’t lost. Making sure to replace school supplies as needed to stay prepared will also set you up for success in the classroom.

Staying organized both at home and in the classroom is very important, especially during the stressful times of high school. Creating these good habits within yourself are proven to lower your cortisol (stress) levels and can make for a clearer mind. Get ahead on some spring or semester cleaning!