Pet of the Month


Photo courtesy of Ms. Burns.

Piper is definitely in her element when she is outside. She loves any opportunity to go outdoors, especially if if there is sunshine.

This month’s featured pet is Piper. Piper is a mini golden doodle owned by guidance counselor Ms. Burns. Even though she is a “golden” doodle, her fluffy coat is a mix of grays and whites. She is three years old and Burns’ only pet. An inside dog, she loves to play outside whenever she can. Her favorite toy to play with is her gray sloth, but she is a big fan of squeaky toys, too. Burns described Piper as spunky and a little too human like. According to Burns, “Everytime I am on the phone, Piper gets her squeaky toys, gets in my face, and squeaks them incessantly. I can trick her by laying the phone down, and she will immediately quit. Once I pick the phone up, she is back at it until I really get off the phone.”