Pet of the Month – April


Photo courtesy of Mason Kraeer.

Patty is the sworn protector of the Kraeer family (when she is not sleeping) and keeps watch over the house.

Senior Mason Kraeer is the owner of an English Mastiff named Patty. She is nine years old but still very energetic. Patty loves to play tug-a-war, get cuddles and snuggle. She was found neglected and then adopted by the Kraeer family. She is similar to Mason because she bumps into things and loves to eat! She is an inside dog but when she is outside, she enjoys sunbathing. Her favorite toy is her rope, and that is no surprise since she loves tug-a-war. One of her favorite things to do is nap, and she is a snore-er, even louder than Mr. Kraeer, according to Mason. She has even made friends with barn cats Stripey, Peachy, Picasso and Midnight.