Hiller staff ranks top 10 favorite lunch meals


Photo courtesy of Addison Paul.

You know it is Hiller Hoagie day when the line wraps around the cafeteria. It’s a monumental day for Trinity students when they are blessed with a Hiller hoagie.

Trinity has been blessed with an amazing group of cafeteria workers. These men and women work daily to make and prepare delicious and nutritious meals. All students have their favorite lunches here at THS, and below are the Hiller staff’s top 10 favorite lunch meals in no particular order.

#10 Hiller Hoagie

The day the Hiller Hoagie was presented to Trinity is unknown, but this glorious sandwich has been around for a very long time. It is a staple for Trinity lunches, and will hopefully remain so for many years to come. Even through COVID when times got tough, our hardworking lunch staff never stopped serving Hiller Hoagies and we are forever grateful. 

#9 Popcorn chicken bowl

Ahh, popcorn chicken bowl. Full of fluffy potatoes, yellow corn and chicken nuggets. This bowl is a little piece of Trinity heaven and definitely deserves to be on this list.  

#8 Buffalo chicken dip (or really any variation of buffalo chicken)

Buffalo chicken dip is usually something we enjoy at football games or an occasional party, but Trinity knows our desire for those crunchy boat-shaped tortilla chips, perfect for scooping up that delectable chicken dip with a bit of spice and whisking it away to our hungry mouths. 

#7 Appetizer basket

A newer one for Trinity High School (THS) is the appetizer basket. Why wait for Applebee’s appetizer deal when you can seize the moment here in your very own school. Once or twice a month THS offers a crispy basket of appetizer delights that consists of mozzarella sticks and fried cheese raviolis, and we are certainly not complaining. 

#6 Homemade stromboli

Now, homemade stromboli… this is worth that long line. Homemade Stromboli Day is something marked on students’ calendars everywhere. We crave that bread pocket stuffed with cheese, ham and pepperoni with red sauce to dip. 

#5 Personal pizza

Personal pizza has always been there for you, during freshman year when you were too scared to go into the “main line,” during your first break-up in sophomore year, after you just bombed a test in junior year, and when you are just trying to get through your last few months of high school as a senior. The warm crust, like a blanket, comforts you in your darkest hour. 

#4 General Tso’s with egg roll & rice

General Tso’s is certainly a favorite. Since middle school, General Tso’s has been something that people look forward to and something that is beloved by teachers, students and staff all around Trinity. The yummy chicken paired with white rice and a crispy egg roll is the best part of the day. 

#3 Strips of fire

Strips of fire are perfect for that pairing of friends: one with the high spicy tolerance that can eat all strips without the blink of an eye and the other who chokes down a carton of milk with one tender. These will forever be a staple of Trinity’s lunch. 

#2 Bosco sticks 

Bosco sticks, they never grow old. They are a comfort food for most, a never-changing staple to the school lunchroom. When you pull apart the breadsticks, the cheese stretches leaving a pleasant sight and aroma. 

#1 Sandwich line 

Oh, the sandwich line. Back in middle school we all heard the stories of the sandwich line: all of the breads, meats, cheese and toppings you could ever think of. When we finally became freshmen we learned that the sandwich line was indeed immaculate, perfect for allergy-sensitive friends that cannot embark on the other lunch glories and for those people who want something new every day. The sandwich line is great for mixing-and-matching and picking and choosing your favorites. 

There are also some favorites that the Hiller staff haven’t seen in a while that have been missed. One example is the good old grilled cheese and tomato soup. Trinity has recently seen versions of this such as grilled cheese on a flatbread or pretzel bun, but simple and sweet grilled cheese on fluffy bread still reigns supreme. Another missed favorite is the yogurt parfait bar that allowed students to choose what they wanted in their parfait such as fruit and granola.

The staff fantasized about what new products they would love to see in their cafeteria. One suggestion was different variations of pasta noodles and sauce to mix up pasta days! At Trinity we love our potatoes and the Hiller Staff is no exception. Some yummy new options could be sweet potato fries and a baked potato bar.

So, a huge thank you to our lunch workers who work hard to serve us amazing food. We appreciate all the work you put into making our favorites and the smiles on your face as you serve us. Trinity, be sure to thank them the next time they hand you your lunch and tell them how much you appreciate them.