Invest in the future


Photo courtesy of Olympus.

Members of the Investment Club pose for a yearbook picture on club picture day. The Investment club will be meeting every other Wednesday in the media room. If you want to join email Mr. Scarmazzi or Owen Baker for any further details.

Many students catch themselves thinking about how they could be more involved with the school. 

Clubs are one of the best places to start to widen the horizon offered in school. Trinity’s Investment Club is open to new students who want to learn more about financial responsibility. 

The Investment Club President, Owen Baker wanted to create the club for students to learn about safe ways to invest. Baker himself found it difficult to learn about investing because it’s not part of a curriculum. 

“It’s a fun way to learn about the safe ways of saving,” Baker says. 

Cayden Bennett describes the club as a way to help students with life lessons like how to be successful in investing in stocks, saving and learning when to retire. 

As president, Baker is in charge of putting together the presentations and connecting with guest speakers to present to students. 

Some of the guest speakers to come in this year were Paul Scarmazzi from Scarmazzi homes and Hunter Stanchak, who deals with cryptocurrency. The speakers discussed ways to invest in companies and save individually and in companies. 

The advisor for the club is Mr. Scarmazzi who believes it is important for the students to join clubs where they can enjoy themselves and grow their knowledge, and the Investment Club is the perfect opportunity.  

“Investment club is to prepare students for good financial decision making and showing alternate ways to wealth,” Scarmazzi states.

The club is continually working on planning out the topics and guests they will be meeting every other Wednesday in the media room. As of right now, there are no upcoming speakers but the Instagram page will announce any speakers coming in @the_ths_investment_club.

Students interested in joining the club or learning more can contact Mr. Scarmazzi at, President Baker at or Vice President Henry March at 

Happy investing, Hillers!