Sara Setto achieves high success through Gold Award


Photo Courtesy of Sara Setto.

Setto was able to publish her creative videos online. Publishing to platforms such as YouTube can be a fun way to get the community engaged and promote any passion projects. Good luck to all students who endeavor to complete a project like Setto’s.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is an impressive and worthwhile achievement that provides young girls with the opportunity to create a long-lasting service project that can benefit others within their community. Last November, Senior Sara Setto completed the final parts of her project and was awarded this honor after more than two years of hard work. 

“For my project, I created an art channel that was dedicated to promoting creativity and self expression at home,” Setto explains. 

The channel, which can be found on YouTube, includes six different artistic videos, each of which focuses on a different art piece that viewers can follow along with and complete at home. Setto uses a variety of different techniques and mediums when creating her artwork. In addition, Setto also offers her own advice and puts personal anecdotes into her videos. 

Throughout the process, she also utilized her video editing skills. Setto was especially proud of how well she did on the edits, considering that it was her first time producing videos and publishing them to a public forum. Her favorite video is entitled “Art and Creativity from a Personal Point of View,” and features Setto’s personal thoughts on art and self expression. 

“I’ve been a member of the Girl Scouts for twelve years. I chose to do this project because I had previously completed my Bronze and Silver Awards and felt that getting this one would be good for both college applications and leadership skills,” Setto says, “Even though it’s difficult, I would promote the Gold Award. There are lots of issues that need to be handled and the Gold Award is a way to help solve those issues in a community-based way.” 

In order to achieve this honor, there are many requirements that must be met. First, any interested girls must have completed either two journeys (troop community service projects) or their Girl Scout Silver Award and one journey. The Silver Award is a similar project that must be completed in middle school and includes less hours of commitment. 

Once these points have been met, girls must then fill out paperwork and submit it for approval to the Girl Scout Council. Once the Council approves the project, Girl Scouts go on to complete over 100 hours of community service dedicated to their personal projects. This takes a great deal of commitment and hard work from girls like Setto. 

While Setto did experience a lack of personal motivation at times during her project, she was still able to persist through until the end and created a long-lasting project that can help other young people find their creative vision. 

Overall, Setto’s biggest piece of advice for girls interested in completing their own Gold Awards would be to pick a project that they are passionate about. By doing so, these girls will have a better chance of staying engaged with and sticking to their project ideas. 

Trinity High School should be proud of Setto and anyone else who chooses to go out for this award. While the process may not be easy, the results can be invaluable. 

Students interested in watching Setto’s videos can access them at her YouTube channel which exists under her name. It is linked here: