German Club makes comeback


Photo courtesy of Leah Kubacka

The German display case that sits near Herr McLaughlin’s room showcases multiple items reminiscent of German culture such as books and clothing.

With various different clubs available for students to participate in, it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are still running. In the case of German Club, for a few years it became nonexistent and did not meet. This year, Seniors Aiden DeWalt and Sierra Craig made it their mission to bring it back and now serve as co-presidents. 

“It was mainly our idea to bring it back. It was like our passion. We also had some underclassmen asking if it would be back or not,” says Craig.

Both presidents explain their shared love for German and the club itself. They made it known that the club was something they wanted to bring back. 

DeWalt explains, “The club was probably taken away in the past due to a lack of interest, and there were also seniors in charge of it who graduated.”

The club has pretty much always been student run, but it went under the radar after there were no more students to run it.

Both co-presidents remark that they had no trouble getting the club back. In fact, as mentioned earlier, students were eager to have it back.

Craig and DeWalt both explain that there is a German food brought in each time they meet, which is every other Tuesday in Herr McLaughlin’s room. They also have a German word or phrase of the week where everyone will learn what the phrase means and how to use it in the correct context. Along with this, students participating in the club will have the chance to practice German phrases of all levels with their peers.

“We want to make tee-shirts for the club, too. We really want to bring awareness to the language and culture as well as bring more community to the club,” Craig remarks.

The co-presidents also spoke about their goal to have a club-based pep assembly. With various clubs being represented, the idea is that they will get more representation and more students will become interested in joining them.

Both DeWalt and Craig explain that they are planning on having a few field trips as well. The destinations would include places such as different German-inspired restaurants.

Ashleigh Tuite, the secretary of the club, expresses that anyone is welcome to join the club; however, some background and experience with the language is recommended. 

“I love German in general, and I just really love speaking it. Getting to talk to other students is an amazing time,” Tuite explains.

She also says that anyone with an interest in other languages and cultures should consider joining. With all of the activities planned for the club, students should definitely look into joining the new and improved German Club. With both co-presidents planning a fun experience for each meeting, students who join the club are guaranteed to have a good time as well as pursue their love for German.