Drawing courtesy of Sienna Heasley

Let your creativity shine this Halloween. Don’t let a price tag stop you from being what you love! Happy Halloween Hillers!

The crisp leaves and influx of pumpkin spice in the air are all that’s needed to tell THS that it is Halloween season. With Halloween right around the corner, many things come to mind when preparing. With decorations, Halloween treats and many other priorities, the main focal point, the costume, might have to be under a budget. 

Now the real question on the table is what would Chelsea do to find a costume on a budget? 

For starters, the first idea that might come to mind is to simply buy a costume, but unfortunately, that isn’t as easy with prices constantly on the rise. Being able to adapt and use the materials around you to make the costume great is a wonderful life skill. 

 A good costume on a budget that I’ve found is a zombie. Take some old clothes or go thrifting and find a specific style that flows together. After getting the style, take the clothing pieces and start making them “dirty” and giving them a worn-in style. This can include dragging them through dirt or mud, cutting them up around the ends or adding fake blood with corn syrup, chocolate syrup and red food coloring. This will give the clothes a weathered look fitting for a zombie!

Another costume on a budget is a farmer. This costume is easy, budget-friendly and most students might already have the items needed right in their closet! A cowboy or straw hat, a flannel, jeans and some cowboy boots will perfect this look! 

The final costume that I found takes a bit of creative interpretation. Being a painter is a great Halloween costume idea that is sure to get you into this creative and spooky season! All that is needed is a smock with paint on it, a white button-down, pants, a paintbrush and an artist’s palette. With this costume, artistic liberty is in free reign with whatever you want to make on the smock and the palette. 

All of these costumes are budget and time friendly! Feel free to branch out and use your creativity to pull things together and make a cheap costume that works for you. Happy Halloween, Hillers, the staff can’t wait to see your amazing costumes!