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AP, or Advanced Placement, tests are administered through CollegeBoard, where you can find lots of resources to prepare for the tests!

The end of the school year is once again approaching and you know what that means: AP tests! 

Millions of students across the country will sit for the three and a half hour long exams given during the first two weeks of May, and Trinity students are no exception. AP tests are usually taken by students who have completed an AP course throughout the school year, and they test knowledge from the entire course. The tests are scored by AP graders, and scores are released via the College Board, typically in July. 

For AP students, the tests are often comparable to class finals. The tests cost $94 each, and they are entirely optional, even if you are taking an AP class. 

Of course, any test can bring stress and worry. But AP exams often cause more anxiety than usual because they prove to colleges how well you understand a subject’s material. Some colleges will accept passing or high AP scores in place of Freshman level or general education classes. 

So, What Would Chelsea Do to prepare for AP tests and keep calm? 

Step one: Take a deep breath and keep a level head. The worst that can happen is that maybe you don’t get the score you want. That’s okay. AP tests are NOT going to show up on a transcript, and you don’t have to share your score with colleges if you don’t want to. 

Step two: Create a study plan and start reviewing. Talk to your AP teacher and consider asking for extra resources to review. Break out the colored pens and markers and color code notes and reviews. The more fun you have reviewing, the more likely you are to spend time doing it. Take time to make your best notes and consider listening to a good playlist while you study.

Step three: Get plenty of sleep. Okay, yes, this might seem counterintuitive when you feel like you should be spending all of your time studying. But, sleep is just as important as a good review. If you feel overworked and overwhelmed, chances are you’re probably also exhausted. Get a good night’s sleep and study when you feel more awake and alert.

Step four: Keep everything in perspective. Realistically, serious AP reviewing and the weeks of testing will last for about a month, depending on the person. Ultimately, the stress and cramming won’t last that long, so remember there is an end in sight. If you put in your best effort for a month, you might be thanking yourself in a few years if you can use a good score to bypass a college class. 

Step five: Try your best! The most anyone can ask of you, and really the most you can ask of yourself, is to give it your best effort. If you still don’t end up with the score you wanted, take a minute to recognize your hard work and how much you learned along the way. As long as you can say you honestly tried, everything will turn out okay in the end!

Trinity’s AP tests occur during the first two weeks of May this year, and plenty of students will be participating. Good luck to everyone!