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Ball drops into New Year Have you ever thought about why we use a ball to celebrate the New Year? Click here to read about the history of the New Year Ball.

Trinity’s 2022: year in review – As we begin to look toward the New Year, now is the time to reflect on the high points of the past twelve months. Click here to recall some of Trinity’s most defining moments from 2022. 



WWCD? – The Holiday season always brings up mixed emotions, especially after a recent passing of a loved one. Click here and get help navigating how to still enjoy the activities during these times. 

Polar Express wins Christmas movie showdown The Hiller staff participated in a bracket competition for the best Christmas movie. Click here to follow through the intense decision of the best Christmas movie.

Differing traditions give Christmas meaning – Not everybody celebrates Christmas the same way. Click here to see different traditions from The Hiller staff.



Extreme gingerbread houses “spice” up holiday season worldwide –  Did you know that there are worldwide gingerbread house competitions that award thousands of dollars in prizes? Read this article to learn how extreme gingerbread houses have risen in popularity and gain a tip or two for leveling up your own gingerbread house this year.  

Glide through the history of sled riding – Winter means snow, and snow means it’s the perfect weather for sled riding. Click here to learn more about its origins!



Seniors celebrate New Year – 2023 is a big year for many of Trinity’s seniors! Click here to learn more about how some of these seniors are planning to tackle the new year! 

Students give back during holiday seasonHave you ever wondered what steps Trinity High School takes to give back to our community during the holidays? Click here to learn how you can participate in giving back this year!

Pet of the monthClick here to learn all about Mrs. Sagerers’ cute golden retriever, Hudson!


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Apple Music, Spotify wrap up 2023 – Most music lovers are super excited for the end of each calendar year. Ever wonder why? Click here to learn how Apple Music and Spotify get the holidays started.

Winter festivities celebrated across the globeEver wondered what kinds of holiday celebrations happen in Honduras or Germany? Click here to learn more about these fun festivities.