Photo courtesy of Sienna Heasely.

As the winter grows colder, its always a good thought to wish good cheer to everyone around us. Even if we’re missing our loved ones we can give back to the community around us and help form a better support system this season. Happy Holidays, Hillers!

The frigid air paired with peppermint and pine can only mean one thing: The holidays are approaching quickly and many are facing their first year of celebrations without their loved ones from previous years. 

Whether the battle be a large distance, fighting an illness or a recent passing, Chelsea is here to help you navigate these challenging times. 

The winter holidays are times when people sometimes gather and spend their days with loved ones. Though, there are other ways to spend the festivities and keep our minds away from those we’re missing.  

My main piece of advice is to focus on the things you enjoy during the holidays, whether that be decorating the house into a Winter Wonderland or baking delectable treats for yourself to enjoy. Keeping busy will help take the edge off of missing loved ones. Many stores offer a wide variety of decorations that cater to everyone’s preferences, while making treats keeps your mind and stomach busy! 

Another recommendation is to volunteer over the holidays. This can be at an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, etc. Sharing the festive spirit is a great way to shift your mindset away from the ones you’re missing. Many places,  especially during the holidays, are in need of extra sets of hands. 

Staying off of social media during these times is also very helpful because it may bring up previous memories or make it hard to see anything other than the negative. Make memories with those around you and keep electronic devices away this year. Your loved one would want you to spend the holidays making memories that will last forever instead of grieving.  

While being without our loved ones for the holidays is difficult, there is always a chance to make the best of it. Happy holidays from the Hiller Staff!