Trinity swim team reaches for success


Photo Courtesy of Riley Dunn

Trinity swim team members are always sure to support and cheer for each other at meets. Each member brings something special and unique to the team atmosphere.

Although the Trinity swim team’s 2021-2022 season has come to an end, the team members are already looking to improve themselves for next year. Unlike other sports, swimming not only develops individual skills, but also encourages players to cheer on their teammates. This is especially evident when looking at the Trinity swim team and their abundant Hiller pride. 

Luke Modrak, coach for Trinity’s swim team, expresses his gratitude in having an opportunity to teach students in the field of swimming. When Modrak was younger, he competed in breaststroke because it was easiest for him, and it was due to his charismatic coaches that he showed interest in teaching others how to swim. Despite the fact that Modrak has a soft spot for breaststroke, he personally enjoys teaching long distance. 

When asked what occurs during typical practices, Modrak replied, “Swimming and… Oh yeah, kicking too.”

The team also participates in some lifting exercises to increase their upper body strength. 

Although swimming and kicking weren’t a surprise to hear about, the practices are definitely improving the team’s results. 

When asked about what keeps him motivated, Modrak stated, “How we’ve been able to consistently drop times throughout the season. Even at the end of the season, our swimmers are decreasing their times, which is something most teams don’t see.”

The team’s goals for the season include repeating the girls’ team’s section record and being eligible to have a boys’ relay. There are only five male swimmers on the team, which has been a difficult hurdle for the group this season; however, THS swim has persevered by trying to improve their times and persist nonetheless. The section record for the girls’ team is 3-2, while the boys’ team record is 1-4.

Danny Towers, one of the male swimmers on the team, is a junior who participates in both breaststroke and freestyle. Towers has been swimming his whole life and decided to join the team because of the time he has devoted to the sport. Throughout the season, Towers has been trying to improve individually and as a team member. Currently, Towers hopes to get a WPIAL qualifying time, and to go to the University of Pittsburgh after graduating from Trinity High School. These goals have been fueling Towers to better his times and stay motivated. 

Allison Sampson, a senior member of the girls’ team, maintains that throughout her experience with the team, everyone was supportive and easy to get along with. Recently, Sampson has dropped time to get under 28 seconds in the 50 free during the last two swim meets, which she has been aiming to do for a while. 

“It made the seven to eight practices per week well worth it!” Sampson commented after expressing her satisfaction with her newly-achieved times. 

Weekly, these practices occur in the morning around 5:30 a.m., which surely makes the students and coaches deserving of respect. 

Taking place mainly in January and early February, the delays caused by the snow and cold temperatures forced the students to be both flexible and hard working when it comes to practice. The students have responded well to this and have shown their dedication to the sport. 

Although the team has faced many problems throughout the season, both the coaches and students have been making an effort to improve and encourage positivity when facing difficult situations. The Hiller Newspaper wishes the Trinity swimming team good luck!