Trinity rifle teams “fires” through undefeated season


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Engle

The Trinity rifle team at one of their last practices in the middle school this season. In the front row as always are the seniors on the team Julia Luzar, Hannah Winkelman, Parker Miller, Miranda Reinhart, and Lily McMahon. Awesome season, guys!

This season, the Trinity rifle team obtained the title of section champions while going through an undefeated season. With an season record of 14-0 and an overall record of 10-0, the team was named section champions. The team held their own even against their biggest rivals, Bethel Park. Every student who partakes in the team is extremely dedicated to the sport and winning, but they all also focus on team bonding, having fun and making memories.

“Being a part of the rifle team isn’t always just shooting guns and going to competitions, it’s also making memories with the team,” says Senior and one of the team captains, Parker Miller.

The team gets together with their coaches Mr.Husk, Katie Krocsko and Michael Krocsko and practice Monday through Friday each week from 2:30-5:30 p.m. at the range in the middle school basement, where they shoot targets for practice. 

When there is an upcoming match, states or WPIALS, the team will usually practice extra to ensure the keeping of their undefeated season title. To prepare for away matches the team will pack all of their equipment such as their slings, jackets, gloves, shell blocks and guns. The matches the team partakes in are usually on Tuesday and/or Thursday and they can last for hours, teammate Bria Bruce expressed. As a team, the highest score they can achieve is 800-80x, while the highest overall score possible is a 100-10x. 

Even though the team has a busy, jam-packed schedule, they still find other ways to make it fun, even if it is as simple as going to breakfast and dinner together before and after matches.

Sophomore Elizabeth Engle shared, “Being on the team is fun, we all just make as many memories as we can.”

The team has worked so hard and has put in so much effort to make this season memorable, and as section champs with an undefeated title, their goal has been achieved. Great job this season!