Trinity celebrates sophomore accomplishments


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Sophomores, you’re halfway done with high school. Keep going; you’re doing great!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all grades’ normal routines and activities have been altered. Sophomores are no exception—they’ve all had to endure through this difficult time with positivity. Note how these three sophomores have managed to maintain a positive attitude despite the pandemic: Ethan Adams, Mikayla Phasupong and Ashlynn Powell.

Adams is a member of JROTC and recalls how the program managed through the current circumstances with great success.

He recalls, “Some of the accomplishments that JROTC was able to accomplish despite the pandemic is our drill competition, our LABs (Fun battalion events where we learn new things and do them as well) and award ceremonies.”

Yet, JROTC’s accomplishments mildly affected his optimism, for he was already very optimistic that this was still going to be a good school year. He is also hopeful that every student able to can get vaccinated and the school can be even safer when the next school year rolls around.

Outside of JROTC, Adams was able to handle this school year well and maintained a good routine in his school work. He also equipped himself with a hand sanitizer and an extra mask wherever he went.

Even if a student does not partake in extracurricular activities, they are still affected by the pandemic. This is true for the case of Phasupong. It was very difficult for her to transition from cyber to in-person. COVID-19 ultimately made her decide to go completely online in order to protect herself and her family and challenge herself to increase the pacing of her schoolwork.

Regarding her accomplishments, she mentioned, “A non-academic achievement I completed during the pandemic was getting my learner’s permit. An academic achievement I completed this year was maintaining good grades while doing online [school].”

Since many sophomores have been getting their learner’s permit, it has proven to be an upside to this school year despite all that has occurred. Phasupong hopes to receive her driver’s license along with a return to normal in the near future.

Sports teams have been majorly affected by the pandemic. Powell, who is part of the girls’ lacrosse team, has referenced how the team reinforced the regulations Trinity set in place.

Powell stated, “Girls’ lacrosse has been able to keep playing uninterrupted so far due to the precautions we take. It’s a nice release from the stress of school and uncertainty.” 

Girls’ lacrosse’s success in keeping up with the regulations gave them more time to enjoy their sporting events and maintain some normalcy. This helped Powell have a better outlet for the year. 

Powell also said, “With school during the current circumstances it was much harder as we almost had to teach ourselves during critical points [of the school year]. Next year, I hope everything will be easier in regards to now knowing how everything is currently working.”

All three of these sophomores, including many others, have learned to adjust, manage and maintain a positive attitude during this difficult time in their lives. It comes to show how a person can accomplish anything during a difficult situation with the right mindset. Let everyone, not just sophomores, finish this school year with a positive outlook and remember that we’re almost done. Keep it up, Hillers!