Trinity students dance their way through enchanted forest


Courtesy of Trinity High School's Twitter account.

Elijah Cincinnati and Skylar Clawson smiling for winning Prom King and Queen.

Trinity High School students danced the night away on May 7, 2021, and had a fun prom night despite COVID-19 regulations in place. Juniors and seniors enjoyed their night at the enchanted forest-themed dance where students voted Skylar Clawson as prom queen and Elijah Cincinnati as prom king. Here’s how the night went.

Arrival and Grand March: 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Students showed up to the Pittsburgh Airport Marriot by their own vehicle or some had their own limo. After they entered the hotel, they had to check in with Mrs. Sirianni and Mrs. Aliveto to see what table they had to sit at and to also vote for prom king and queen. After all the students checked in and voted, the grand march began.

The grand march was a walk from the lobby to the conference room where Mr. Modrak interviewed everyone who walked by. It was also live-streamed on Twitter so families could watch from home. But for those who didn’t see it, view it here at 

Dinner: 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM

Roughly 15 minutes after the grand march, food was served. The appetizers were a cup of wedding soup and a roll. Five to ten minutes after that, each table was dismissed to get their main course.

The food at prom was served buffet-style. There were fruit kebabs, salad, pasta with red or white sauce, grilled chicken tenders, fried chicken tenders and waffle batter chicken tenders. And, on the other side of the hall, there was a choice of french fries or tater tots with nacho cheese, ketchup, bacon, or even sour cream; it was all up to the students!

Both Clawson and senior Maxwell Mollish were fans of the food. Mollish was especially a fan of the waffle batter chicken tenders, and Clawson enjoyed the many options the students were given. Putting this into consideration, the food was the best part of Mollish’s night.

Dessert: 8:30 PM

Dessert was an ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream, a brownie, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Activities: 6:45 PM -9:00 PM

The dance floor was opened around 6:45 along with the green screen photo booth; the green screen could be any background with any cutout of a celebrity if wanted. Students could also line up for a cartoonist who drew whoever went up to him!


The tables had a white tablecloth over them with mason jars and fairy lights with some flowers and candles to fit the enchanted forest aesthetic. Students were provided with a champagne glass filled with sparkling grape juice and another glass full of water. Other than that, there was a sign above the soda cans that said “PROM.” 


Mollish believes prom was better than formal, and Clawson thinks that there were fewer people than formal due to the COVID-19 guidelines. Both seniors are grateful for the prom since there were so many things taken away from the Class of 2021 in the past two school years.

Mollish wishes that prom wasn’t limited to only Trinity students because he had a few friends who would’ve brought dates from other schools. But, Clawson thinks that the school was very smart in keeping their decision of only Trinity students.

Clawson and Mollish give condolences to the schools that couldn’t have a prom this year due to their own COVID-19 guidelines because everyone should have the opportunity to experience a prom once in their life. But, it is very important that everyone stays safe.

To find out more about the adorable prom king and queen, check out the “He said, She said” article from the Valentine’s Day issue! Linked here: 

Good luck to not only Clawson and Mollish but to all seniors! Thank you to Mrs. Sirianni and Mrs. Aliveto for organizing this event!