Off they go! Trinity seniors prepare to graduate!


Rachel Chase

Each year, the lawn is decorated to show pride for seniors!

“Oh the places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss. 

Trinity’s class of 2021 is set to graduate on June 4 and it will mark a huge milestone for one of the most resilient classes of students yet. This year’s seniors have faced numerous challenges, not least of which has been the pandemic. Each year, Trinity staff reflects upon the obstacles each class has faced and how they successfully overcame them, but no challenge has been so significant as COVID-19. 

On June 4, the seniors will walk across the lawn of Trinity High School, receive their diplomas and venture off into the next phase of their lives. Instead of one large ceremony, as is typical, there will be three smaller ceremonies with 90 graduates at each ceremony. They will occur at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., and students have already selected which time they will attend. 

Each student is permitted to bring six people to the ceremony and each student will receive two parking passes. Without a pass, attendees will not be allowed on campus. Each ceremony is expected to last approximately 40-45 minutes. Families will sit in pods and distancing will be in place. Masks will be required. 

Ceremonies are traditionally held in the lawn outside of the high school, and this year will be no exception. But, should the weather interfere, the ceremony will be moved indoors. Fortunately, the limited number of people at each ceremony will still allow for distancing and safety, even if the ceremony is moved indoors. 

Teacher Mrs. Hartley echoed the sentiments of all with her hope that it will be a, “good, calm, and successful” ceremony.

Last year, graduation was held in five different ceremonies to maintain social distancing and it was the first time a graduation ceremony had ever been split up in such a way, with only 250 people allowed at each ceremony. This year, in accordance with state guidelines, there will be up to 540 people at each ceremony. 

The usual group of people will speak at their ceremonies, including valedictorian, salutatorian, honor graduate, Dr. Lucas, student council members and Mr. Uram. Each person will not speak at every ceremony. Instead, they will only speak at their ceremony time. Fortunately, TribLive will record every ceremony, combine the footage and post it publicly for anyone interested in seeing parts of the other ceremonies, including the speeches.  

Principal Mr. Uram concluded, “Trinity kids are really good people. They have been so resilient this year and I hope they continue that throughout their lives.