Light-up Night brightens up May


Photo courtesy of Trinity Area School District

The Middle School football field was lit up in order to celebrate the Class of 2021.

Last year, due to the shut down of the entire school district, the high school decided to hold the first ever Senior Light-up Night in order to celebrate the class of 2020. This year, the light show lit up again for the class of 2021. 

All of this year’s graduating seniors had the opportunity to decorate the front of their houses with lights, signs, streamers or anything else that they could think of. Each senior was also gifted with a graduation sign, which stated their name, school and class. 

Then, on Friday, May 21, seniors were able to drive around their neighborhoods or get together with friends in order to see all the bright decorations their classmates had put up. 

I enjoyed Light-up night, because it was a really nice night to have all of the Senior class together,” senior Bayleigh McCullough commented. 

In addition to the senior decorations, the scoreboard at the Trinity Middle School football field displayed the message “Senior Light Up Night/ Congrats Class of 2021”.  

Since Light-up night is such a new tradition, there were some questions about whether or not it should continue to be held in future years. 

“I think they should definitely keep Light-up night a tradition for the future senior classes,” McCullough said. 

While Light-up night  may have begun due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has since become just another fun way for the senior class to celebrate their final weeks of high school. 

In future years, students should continue to participate in the light show and bring a little brightness to their neighborhoods.