Trinity celebrates junior accomplishments


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Congratulations to not only Courtney and Balie, but to all Juniors!

As the graduating class of 2022 ends another pandemic-filled high school year, many were still able to compete in different competitions of their choosing. The juniors fought through and did outstanding work, planned prom, and planted this year’s accomplishments to bloom into a wonderful senior year next year. But this article specifically highlights juniors Courtney Boardley and Balie Beck on their accomplishments on something unique and true to them.

Courtney Boardley participated in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition and placed second. Due to the pandemic, PJAS had to be online, this competition would have been held at Penn State.

 Boardley started her project back at the beginning of the school year and spent months planning it. After those months passed, Boardley then began to develop the presentation that explained her project. 

Boardley’s mother and step-father congratulated her on her success, making her confident with how well she did during this challenging year. However, Boardley feels like she could’ve spent more time practicing her speech after her presentation since she stuttered over herself a bit.

She feels more confident with herself and thinks she’ll try PJAS again for her senior year because she’s had the experience this year. 

Many other juniors also successfully participated in PJAS.

Junior Balie Beck participated in the PA District III Competition of  Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) for apparel and accessories marketing and received third place, and is content with her placement.

As far as time goes, Beck spent about three weeks on her work for DECA. Beck hopes that by her senior year COVID-19 will have slowed down so she can really put in her all and give her best performance from her experience these past years. If COVID-19 did not exist, participants could have attended the event and spoken to the judges face to face which would have made a difference in how the projects came across.

Since she learned a lot, Beck definitely plans to go further into this subject.

Beck claims her family was very proud of her accomplishment since the topic was very suitable for her. Beck also wants to add, “This project helped me realize how important marketing is and give credit to people working in the marketing industry on their hard work and dedication.”

Many juniors also succeeded in the DECA program, too.

This COVID-19 challenged year had a positive peak through for these ladies, so congratulations to all!