Romantic comedies spearhead COVID Valentine’s Day


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Romantic Comedies have been around forever! They can offer comedic relief and an escape from the real world.

Romantic comedies have been a craze for many years. Romantic comedies are enjoyable at all times of the year, though some people like to reserve them for a special day in February.  

Valentine’s day has been celebrated for many centuries and was dubbed the “Day of Romance” in the 4th century. The whole meaning of Valentine’s Day is to show love and appreciation. Romantic comedies give a full heart to many and they are great to watch on Valentine’s Day to celebrate different love stories. 

Hallmark movies often come to mind when talking about romantic comedies, as Hallmark produces so many each year. Though the plots are quite cheesy to some, many people enjoy watching them as they provide hope, happiness and compassion. Sophomore Olivia Herrnberger said that she thinks many Hallmark movies are quite interesting, but some of them are weird and unnecessary. On the other hand, Junior Claudia Cappelli doesn’t prefer them as much as other types of romantic comedies.

Many different types of romantic comedies leave movie fanatics watching them throughout the year. Cappelli watches all types of different movies and has many romantic comedies at the top of her go-to list. Her favorite romantic comedy is called “10 Things I Hate About You” and it can be viewed on Disney Plus. Cappelli says that it is her favorite romantic comedy because it’s sweet and has great casting. 

Sophomore Olivia Hernberger, on the other hand, says her favorite romantic comedy is either “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” or “She’s the Man” because they are great at evoking heart-wrenching emotions.

There are many different streaming networks to watch these romantic comedies on from the comfort of home or even to take on the go. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime have many romantic comedies to choose from. Cappelli prefers to watch romantic comedies on Netflix because she feels that she can access them easier than on any other streaming platform. Herrnberger also prefers to watch them on Netflix, but she also watches on Xfinity on Demand because they are easy to navigate. 

Whether watching romantic comedies is something saved for Valentine’s Day or all year round, they can offer a great laugh and an excellent way to get a break from all the issues happening around us.