Trinity High School recognized for academic excellence


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Trinity High school was first established in 1925 to be a military school.

Trinity High School has been recognized as a top high school in the Pittsburgh, PA area. According to US News and World Report, Trinity High School is ranked #28 out of all the high schools in the Pittsburgh metro area and #133 out of all the high schools in Pennsylvania. Students and staff at Trinity have worked extremely hard to get to this point and are continuing to do their best. 

Being ranked highly does not happen overnight and it is a team effort. Everyone, from students and staff to administration, all have to work together. 

Trinity does a few things that stand out to me. Trinity does a great job identifying educators who are well-versed in their field, and create an educational environment that is conducive to learning. We also do a good job staying up to date with technology that can facilitate learning,” explained Social Studies teacher Mr. Scarmazzi.

The US News and World Report determines rankings from many factors including graduation rate, college curriculum breadth, and math and reading performance.

Elaborating on areas to improve, Mrs. Macino said, “I would encourage everyone to put down their phones and read not just for English class but for pleasure as well.”

When it comes to being a student in high school, it takes great dedication to meet deadlines and study for difficult topics. Sometimes all it takes is one person to help motivate students to reach their academic goals. 

“I think my friends have helped me reach my academic goals because they have always pushed me to do better,” stated Senior Marissa Raineri.

Teachers try to give students different assignments throughout the year beyond quizzes and study guides. Many teachers have noticed it is helpful to give students time to have class discussions and projects where students can show their talents and make connections to pop culture. 

Trinity High School staff wants to remind students that it is completely okay to make mistakes; that is a part of learning and growing as a person. As long as students are willing to try their best, teachers will do anything they can to help them succeed! 

Congratulations to all members of Trinity High School for the high academic achievement!