Positive new year to replace 2020

Despite the pandemic, 2021 will still be ushered in with grand fireworks displays.

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Despite the pandemic, 2021 will still be ushered in with grand fireworks displays.

“New year, new me,” as the saying goes. This year, people are more hopeful than ever that the new year will bring change, even if it’s simply a change back to normal life. Though 2020 has certainly been difficult, there is plenty to look forward to in the new year. 

Possibly the best news of 2020 was the announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to change the course of the pandemic. The UK was the first country to administer the vaccine to its residents, and two citizens named Margaret Keenan and William Shakespeare were the very first to become vaccinated. There are currently multiple different companies who are manufacturing vaccines, all of which are promising. Though it may take months, or potentially years, for enough of the world’s population to be vaccinated, a return to normalcy is on the horizon. 

As Junior Courtney Boardley explained, “With vaccinations, it seems like this will enable people to go places safely again, like shopping centers, restaurants and other places where large groups gather. It will definitely allow people to go back to normal, no matter how long it takes.”

On the political front, this year has consisted of a major election and a cultural reset, through the Black Lives Matter movement, throughout the whole country. Juniors Claudia Cappelli, Lexi Koffler, and Boardley all explained that they are doubtful that the country’s political division will be eliminated anytime soon. 

Cappelli also expressed that she is very hopeful that people will, “be kind to each other and accept one another regardless of anything” in the coming year.

Similarly, Boardley said that she hopes that, “we as citizens of the United States can come to appreciate each other and all of our differences” going forward.

Of course, 2020 has taught everyone new lessons including appreciating things that people might take for granted. Going to school everyday is no longer a given. But, everyone has learned to adapt like never before. Plus, many have learned the true value of human interaction. Everyone will carry these lessons with them into the new year with high hopes that life will improve. 

Happy new year everyone!