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Washington County Agricultural Fair to celebrate 225th anniversary –  The Washington County Fair has been a mainstay in our community for over 200 years. Read this article to learn about its storied history and how Trinity students get involved with this important community event. 

Students highlight importance of Earth Day  – Humans have a huge impact on Earth, both good and bad. Click here to learn about how people can make change to help the Earth.  


WWCD?Many wonder if there is an age limit on enjoying the experiences of the festive spirit. Click here to read about ways you can celebrate the holidays!

Necessary or redundant: settling debate over Oxford commaAmerican English has many unique characteristics in spelling and grammar, and the strangest of these may be the usage of the Oxford comma. Click here to learn more about how it is used and why it causes so much debate.

Students react to TikTok on chopping blockThe recent Congressional hearing on TikTok may result in America banning TikTok. Click here to learn more about the hearing and The Hiller newspaper staff’s reaction to the news.


Trinity baseball begins home run hitting seasonInterested in learning about how the Varsity baseball team started off their season? Click here to read more!

Trinity boys’ volleyball: “setting up” for new season – The boys are off to an impressive start and we don’t see them slowing down! Click here to find out more about their season!

Boys’ tennis team swings into spring seasonDidn’t know the boys’ tennis team started their 2023 season? Click here to learn more about it!

Trinity girls swing for success during 2023 softball season The girls softball team has been practicing hard for a great season! Are you wondering how they have prepared? Click here to find out how the team has swung into success during the 2023 season!


Pet of the month – AprilClick here to learn about Mason Kraeer’s loving and cuddly English Mastiff named Patty. 

Foreign exchange students navigate school year in new countryClick here to learn more about the foreign exchange students and the experiences they’ve had this year!

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THS ultimate English book showdownThe Hiller staff has some strong opinions on what constitutes the best book read in any THS English class. Read here to see the results of the bracket-style tournament and find out which read came out on top.

Daisy Jones & The Six strums their way up charts“Daisy Jones & The Six” was released by Taylor Jenkins Reid over four years ago, but the fanbase has seen a recent resurgence with the release of a brand-new miniseries. Click here to read more about the original novel and its new adaptation.