Thankful Q & A with Ms. Finley


Photo courtesy of Ms. Finley.

Ms. Finley poses at her graduation ceremony from California University-Penn West in June 2022. She attended West Virginia University for chemical engineering with a focus on education before transferring to CalU in 2021.

Q. How has your year been so far?

      A. Good. I love it. It’s a little stressful, but overall really good.

Q. What subjects do you teach?

      A. Honors Chemistry and College Prep Chemistry.

Q. Why did you choose to pursue teaching as a career?

      A. I love talking about chemistry and showing young people how chemistry is basically involved in everyday life.

Q. Do you think it is awkward teaching at your Alma Mater?

      A. No, not at all. I actually felt a lot more confident because I knew most of the teachers. They are all so helpful.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

      A. My biggest inspiration is probably my dad because his motto is “You’re always learning.” I try to tell my students that I’m still learning every day.

Q. In this Thanksgiving season, who or what are you thankful for?

      A. I am thankful for my students because they always make me laugh and make teaching easier.

Q. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what are the popular dishes during your dinner?

      A. I love mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Q. Do you plan to go Black Friday shopping, and if you do plan to, are you looking for anything specific?

      A. I am not going black Friday shopping because I work my part-time job on Black Friday. I wish I was going shopping, but I still get to see the madness.

Q. At the center of the Thanksgiving debate is when to put up the Christmas tree, do you put it up before or after Thanksgiving?

      A. After, always after, usually the day after.

Q. What part of the season are you most thankful for?

      A. I like spending time with family and having breaks during the school year.

Q. Do you find it awkward teaching at Trinity when your brother, Senior Jack Finley, still goes to school here?

      A. It’s definitely more awkward than it would be, but my brother and I are really close. It is more awkward seeing his friends that I’ve known for a long time if anything.