Defense, Defense, Defense!

Trinity boys soccer puts up a fight



Goalie Connor Bull leaps to defend the net. He blocks the ball and keeps the visitors from scoring!

Soccer isn’t just about who can score the most points. Leadership, teamwork and a unique skillset are just a few key aspects of the game. The Trinity boys soccer team is a prime example of the conjunction of these factors.

To prepare for the season, the boys took every Tuesday and Thursday over the summer to play player/coach directed scrimmages. These then helped the team transition into two-a-days. Two-a-days consisted of morning and evening practices. Mornings involved fitness and conditioning, while evenings involved tactical drills and skill work. These practices also helped decide who was fit for what positions for the season.

Not only have these pre-season practices pushed the boys, but in-season practices have as well. Fitness has been the main goal to improve the team. In the beginning of the season, the boys would start out strong in the first half but then come back tired in the second half. That is no longer a problem. 

Fitness is not the only strength for the team. Their defense also dominates.. 

“Defense is rock solid. We easily have the least amount of goals [scored against] in the section. Our work ethic is great. We work hard,” remarked Assistant Coach Andy Sukolsky. 

With that being said, Senior Connor Bull has been putting up a fight in goal. Being goalie isn’t as easy as it looks.

“I have to make tough and quick decisions when distributing the ball, and I have to do everything that I can to direct the rest of the team through talking,” Bull states. 

Senior Alex Tush, starting defender, also commented on his team: “Our defense is our strong point.” 

Despite the defense’s hard work, there are still some weaknesses that the team struggles with. Their biggest challenge is finding the back of the net against top-tier teams. The season is going well, however. 

“Season is going fantastic. We are definitely fighting for a playoff spot. If we keep going the way we are, we could definitely be one of the top spots in the playoffs,” says Sukolsky. 

Their next home game is Saturday October 16, 2021, at 12:30/2:00. Go out and show the boys some support!