Dream on!


Photo via Google Images under Creative Commons license

The Life Church of Washington, Pennsylvania works with the Dreamer’s Club to serve the community.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, Trinity High School welcomed the Dreamers’ Club. The club is run by Mr. Polansky with the help of Pastor Aaron Miller of the Life Church of downtown Washington. The club was successful last year, so they decided to continue it for the 2020-2021 school year. Although COVID-19 has affected many student-involved activities, it will not squander any dreams this club has.

In light of the tough times that the world is facing, the club still hopes to do what they can to spread joy and kindness. Pastor Miller is actively trying to set aside weekends for opportunities to help the community, but it is hard to find something consistent. 

According to Polansky, current members and those interested in joining the club should know that there are still going to be opportunities for community work.

“I am just trying to get the word out to club members that the club is going to do something in the community. We can only do what authority allows,” Polansky says.

COVID regulations have set a limit on what the club can partake in and when they can meet as well. Safety is one of the biggest concerns right now for everyone involved. 

“When they do get together, all of the social distancing measures are in place, and Pastor Aaron is extremely cautious about everybody’s safety,” says Polansky. 

If interested in joining the club, please report to Polansky’s room, 282. The club normally meets on the “C” activity day, but social distancing rules have restricted in-person meetings. They are currently communicating through the Remind App. 

“It is still a great club, and when all of this COVID ends, it will continue to help beautify and aid the less fortunate,” states Polansky, who encourages students to join the club. 

With this in mind, consider joining the Dreamer’s Club. It is a great opportunity to get out there and help the community.