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Easter baskets can be enjoyed by anyone celebrating the holiday and are often filled with colorful eggs, candy and even small toys, but they can be filled with anything!

It’s almost that time of year again! The flowers are starting to bloom and Easter decorations adorn many homes. Of course, many children are gearing up for Easter egg hunts and eagerly waiting to search for their baskets. But, if you’re like me, you might be asking the question: how old is too old to go all out to celebrate Easter? 

Easter is a holiday typically celebrated by people who practice the Christian religion, though other religions celebrate variations of Easter at different times of the year. This year, Easter is on April 17, 2022, and will occur on a Sunday, as always. 

Though the traditions of Easter egg hunts and baskets do not immediately appear to have an association with the Christian holiday, the traditions were welcomed by the church in the 18th century in hopes that it would encourage people to embrace the religion. 

However, today many take part in the celebrations, even if they don’t place religion at the forefront of the holiday. 

I think most can agree that there is no age too old for enjoying the fun of dying and decorating eggs, but there’s plenty of debate as to how old is too old to participate in egg hunts or even to receive a basket. 

Personally, I think that egg hunts have no age limit, but I do also think they might best be enjoyed if you have children in your life who may be experiencing them for the first few times in their lives. While any adult can appreciate the event, the joy it brings to children is unmatched, and it might be best to remain just an assistant egg-hunter.

As for Easter baskets, I think this debate should be squashed – or should I say scrambled? Mediocre puns aside, creating and gifting an Easter basket for someone in your life will bring joy to anyone at any age. Just as much as presents on Christmas or turkey on Thanksgiving, baskets on Easter are an integral part of sharing the holiday with friends and family. The thought that goes into creating something filled with items you know your loved ones will enjoy is the meaningful part, and the part worth celebrating year after year. 

I think at this point it’s worth mentioning that not everyone will agree. Some may feel that Easter celebrations should be limited to children, while others may feel that there is no age limit. 

Regardless, Chelsea’s advice is that you are never too old to celebrate Easter with a good basket and some freshly-dyed eggs. Enjoy spending time with friends and family, and remember to be thankful for all of the important people in your life. 

Happy Easter Hillers!