Can you dig it? Boys volleyball springs into season


This image was accessed via the Twitter of Trinity Athletics

At the end of the 2021 regular season, Coach Myers celebrated a fantastic 200 wins! We are sure he will continue the winning streak into the 2022 season!

Back and better than ever, the Hiller boys are ready to take over the court. Optimistic for this upcoming season and looking forward to spending time together, Seniors Connor Bull, Connor Roberts and Hunter Strickland all have been attending the open gym sessions to prepare. 

Roberts’ goal for this season is to make “player of the year” and to win the section title as a team. Strickland shares this goal as he would like to enjoy every moment of his last season with the team and have a winning season. Bull also aspires for an undefeated season and recognizes the importance of being a good model for the underclassmen and building them up to their full potential. He understands how it feels to be a new player and the patience it requires to succeed. 

All three boys are appreciative of the challenging, constructive and exciting atmosphere volleyball brings. Roberts has fond memories of Coach Myers flipping a table with excitement and other celebratory memories with the team. He touches on the friendly fight between Dax Kress and Caleb Filer and remembers the humor of it and the team’s laughter. Bull not only mentioned the table memory, but also commented that the team’s bond is special and it proves true. Strickland is inspired by the coach’s son, Roman, whose presence is a pleasant addition to practices. Strickland mentioned that one of his favorite memories is when Roman locked his sister in a closet and it was a humorous scene. A most memorable memory, none of the boys will forget what they call the “biofreeze mishap.” 

Be sure not to miss their next air affair as their first game is scheduled for March 28, 2022, at Moon, and their next home game is April 7, 2022, home vs. Seton La Salle. Strickland emphasizes the importance and appreciation of everyone cheering the boys on at their games, stating “It would be amazing to see the fan section filled with school spirit.”

The Hiller boys are sure to have a successful journey into playoffs with their teammates and schoolmates cheering them on from the stands. Our boys will be sure the other teams know that if they wanted a soft serve, they should have gone to Dairy Queen.