Pet of the Month


Señora Banish

Hershey sits outside, soaking up the sunlight. He loves to be outside, especially with Señora Banish!

Hershey is a Bengal rescue cat who is owned by Señora Banish. Banish got Hershey for Mother’s Day in 2012. Hershey weighs 21 pounds and is 10 years old.  Hershey is named after the Hershey chocolate and is a male. While Banish is at work, Hershey likes to sleep, play and get into trouble. He eats the violet plant and the spider plant at her house and destroys the toilet paper in her bathroom if she leaves the door open, even just a crack. When Banish gets home, he goes to her. Hershey likes to think he is a dog and meows loudly at Banish so he can go outside. Hershey is a big cat who loves to mess with things, and he is happy in his forever home.