Pet of the Month: Milo the Dog


Courtesy of Mr. Phillips

Easton and Kaden Phillips both enjoy playing with the family dog Milo. The boys are happy to have him as part of the Phillips family.

Milo the dog is the nine month-old puppy that belongs to math teacher Mr. Phillips and his family. Milo loves to sleep, but since he is still a puppy, he is also quite rambunctious. Milo likes to play with both of Phillips’ children, Easton and Kaden. 

According to Phillips, “He has the potential to be a very good dog. He is smart and easily tamed, but still scared of strangers.” 

Phillips has many stories about Milo’s adventures, but one stands out in particular. Since Milo is part Australian Shepherd, he enjoys herding the Phillips children. If they are playing in the backyard, Milo will follow them until they are where he wants them to be. Afterwards, he is extremely proud of himself and considers it a job well done. 

Phillips was, at first, very hesitant about getting a pet, but eventually decided to trust his family. Now, he considers Milo to be good for Easton and Kaden, noting the fact that they love him.