Pet of the Month: May


Kaylyn Weichel

This Godzilla doesn’t destroy the city of Tokyo—he destroys his wood toys.

This giant ball of fluff is Pet of the Month for the month of May. His name is Godzilla and is owned by Sophomore Kaylyn Weichel. Godzilla is a two-year-old black velvet chinchilla.

Godzilla was born in 2019 in Louisville, Ohio, by a chinchilla breeder with the company name Buckeye Chinchilla. At some point in his life, he was adopted by a different person. Unfortunately, he was returned back to the breeder as his previous owner could no longer care for him. Shortly after being returned, he was readopted on April 10, 2021, by Weichel and was renamed after the iconic kaiju, Godzilla, for his black and white tail.

Due to the fact that chinchillas are sociable creatures by nature, Godzilla loves to seek attention from Weichel in any way he can. From loud squeaks at odd hours to throwing his toys out of his cage, noise is his way of communicating and demanding attention. But when he wants attention, he demands treats and chin scratches. Additionally, he loves to chew and will practically chew on anything he can get his paws on.

Unlike most chinchillas and contradictory to his name, Godzilla is relatively calm and docile. Most importantly, he is very gentle and licks Weichel’s hands in a further display of his gentleness and sweet manner. His calm and gentle personality is what persuaded Weichel to adopt him in the first place.

Overall, Weichel is very excited to see how the relationship between her and Godzilla will grow as the two spend more time with each other. Her hope is that Godzilla will spend the rest of his life in his forever home as part of her family.