Pet of the Month: March


Mrs. Thornburg

Thor and Sky stop their fun to smile for their pawsome mom, Mrs. Thornburg!

Thor and Sky are fluffy and quite the opposite pair of best friends, making them the perfect fit for March’s pet of the month.

Both of these dogs belong to Honors Pre-Calc and Algebra 1A teacher Mrs. Thornburg and were raised as upland bird hunters in their younger years. 

Thor is a twelve-year-old Silver Pointing lab; he is pictured on the left. Thornburg likes to call him a senior citizen as he is very relaxed and calm and absolutely adores his daily walks.

Six-year-old Pudlepointer, Sky, shows up on the right side of the frame. She is the complete opposite of Thor; she is super energetic and loves to cuddle. Sky enjoys playing fetch that could go on for hours, and occasionally likes to chase her shadow.

Out of the two, Sky acts as if she is superior and she bosses Thor around.

However, they are still the best of friends.