Pet of the month: December


Madyson Frazee

Sven is celebrating the holiday season in style with his festive candy cane tie.

Sven is a sweet, gentle and loving six year old German Shepherd and Akita mix. He was welcomed into the Frazee household on June 4, 2020, after being adopted from the Washington Humane Society.

Senior Madyson Frazee stated, “The Humane Society was amazing and they make sure that you are matched to an animal that is the right fit for your family…for anyone looking into adopting an animal here is your sign to do it! It is so rewarding and amazing.”

Sven was named by the Washington Humane Society workers, after the reindeer character in the “Frozen” movies.

Now that Sven lives with the Frazee family, he loves to play, take long naps, and soak up love and attention throughout the whole day. 

Mrs. Frazee commented that Sven is “the most positive thing to come out of quarantine,” and Freshman Savannah Frazee agrees, saying, “He has made us all so much happier.”

Sven enjoys following his daily schedule of waking up, eating his breakfast, going on a morning walk around the neighborhood, and then playing with his toys and sleeping until dinner and bedtime.

Madyson is elated to share every day with Sven; “He was made for our family, and everyone loves him so much and he loves us. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him.”

Sven invites everyone to follow him on Instagram @thesvenigan to stay up-to-date with all of his fun adventures and sweet stories!